Bitten by the Beatlemania Bug. :]

As of this writing, I am still crazy in love with Beatle songs. I know, it’s weird for a sixteen-year-old to actually appreciate old songs, but the power of their music, their lyrics and their sound have got me hypnotized still!

My Top Twelve Favorite Beatles Songs:

1. Revolution

2. Come Together

3. Across the Universe

4. Can’t Buy Me Love

5. A Day In the Life

6. I Feel Fine

7. Twist and Shout

8. Please Mr. Postman

9. Strawberry Fields Forever

10. Get Back

11. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

12. Day Tripper

My Favorite Beatle? John. I’m a fan of his strange songwriting and his legendary way with words is truly one-in-a-million, maybe even one-in-a-zillion. I prefer his dark and insightful songwriting to Paul McCartney’s love ballads, which generally, aren’t that bad.

Top Two Favorite Beatle Songs? Revolution and A Day In the Life. I love the loud guitar that starts the song, and John Lennon’s voice seems to fit perfectly for the song. I chose A Day In the Life as another ultimate favorite because of John Lennon’s voice again. He really has a very, very different voice which breathes a strange energy into the songs he sings.

Favorite Beatles Album? I don’t have a specific one, but Sgt. Pepper’s is a great album, and most of the songs I do listen to did come from this album. Abbey Road and early albums like Help! and A Hard Day’s Night aren’t so bad as well.


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