Food Blogging: Canton Soup Kitchen

If you’re looking for a place that oozes with the “family dining” potential, then look no further than Canton Soup Kitchen. It may be hidden somewhere in QC, but it’s a good place to relax, chill and eat.

LOCATION: CSK is hidden somewhere in Quezon City. Landmarks: Pancake House and Figaro. QC residents, you’ve probably seen the place before.

FIRST IMPRESSION: Bearable. It’s clean interior and Asian-inspired interiors give you a good impression of the food to come.

LOOK: An enlarged version of the photo in the menu serves as background art, while the upholstered seats boast of Chinese calligraphy designs. The desired Chinese look is achieved with minimal effort.

STAFF: Slow, annoyingly slow. There wasn’t even much of a rush and yet we were being ignored repeatedly. It took three tries just to follow up a buchi-buchi order. Needs improvement, in my opinion.

FOOD: **

1. Siomai=CSK’s siomai is tasty, soft and meaty, just how a traditional siomai should be. Should’ve been served with chili sauce, though. That was a major turn off for me.

2. Hakaw=Could’ve been better. I’ve tasted meatier shrimps and thicker wrappings. The lack of chili sauce was another major disappointment. I felt as if my dimsum experience was incomplete.

3. CSK Rice Topping=It looked more like CSK soup to me. It wasn’t until after I did dig past the seafood exterior did I realize it looked like lugaw. At least the seafood made up for the dish’s presentation-wise shortcomings.

Overall: ***

Comeback Factor: Half a laugh.

GOOD THINGS: CSK offers a wide selection of food worth exploring. If you’re bent on widening your Chinese cuisine horizons, trying out something new on the CSK menu might do you good. Just be careful and take safe steps in ordering before taking the plunge. Another good tip: be aggressive. The makulit factor seems to come in handy when eating at a restaurant like CSK.


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