Food Blogging: Greens

These days, meat just won’t cut it. These days, one thing we look for besides a satisfying meal is a healthy one, that won’t add carbs to our system and make us loosen that belt a notch lower. Everyone, introducing Greens Restaurant! (located somewhere in T.Morato!) Greens is a vegetarian restaurant that serves affordable, healthy and most of all good and nutritious foods for our system. Read the review below, which is arranged according to some restaurant-related criteria:)

LOCATION: Greens is hidden somewhere in restaurant avenue (Tomas Morato). If you’re persistent enough, you’ll find it. It’s a little further from Cesar Montano’s Italian restaurant Belissimo [not good], and parking will be quite an experience. Friendly guards to help you out for a space, too.
FIRST IMPRESSION: If you’ve ever seen a Bungalow/Granny House anywhere, Greens resembles such a place. With a small yet pretty garden in front of the entranceway, and outdoor seating as well [there’s an aircon], Greens is a cozy place.
RESTAURANT RESEMBLANCE: If you’ve ever been to Sonia’s Garden in Tagaytay, Greens is somewhat similar, only a more compact, city version. Exclude the farm-like gardens and the fresh air.
INSIDE: The inside is small, but looks good and not shabby. It’s an ideal coffee-shop setting, and offers air-conditioning, art and atmosphere.
NECESSITIES: The bathroom is compact but clean. That’s all you need to know.
STAFF: Friendly, homey people. They work in a more serene setting so I guess that’s why.
ARTS: Paintings hang on the wall and creative pottery. There’s also a fountain outside with carps and of course, the garden which I mentioned earlier.

FOOD: *** and a half
I didn’t really get to see the best-sellers, but here’s a list of what we ordered.

Let’s review them one-by-one.

1. SQUASH SOUP-Good and rich. Just how a real soup should taste like.
2 MUSHROOM SOUP-Looked kinda thin.
3. FRENCH FRIES-Your average sliced potatoes still with skin. No bones about it. The platter can feed around three to four people.
4. SISIG-It ain’t crispy. For those people who aren’t fans of crispy sisig, this is your food. Tender and soft meat are tasty and you’ll want to eat more than a single spoonful.
5. SEAWEED STICKS-Healthy alternative to cheese sticks. Carrot and other veggies cut into strips, wrapped in nori and fried. Goes well with ketchup.
6. SPLIT-PEA BURGER-Burger taste, healthy size. Comes with a side of french fries. The burger isn’t meat, I’ll tell you that now.
7. ANGEL-HAIR PASTA-Flavorful and tomato-ee. Is lighter but better than the average Italiannis/Amici pasta.
8. CLASSIC PASTA-Didn’t taste it. =(
9. MANGO LASSIE-Basically a mango milk shake/yogurt drink. It’s thick and yummy. I was tempted to make a pitcher once I got home. Adds on the pounds, though.

OVERALL: 3.5 stars
COME BACK: Yes! I want to try the salads:)


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