Food Blogging: Omakase

In Japanese, Omakase means “it’s up to you.” Makes sense, actually. :)) The customer is always right, RIGHT? So it’s up to us. And it was up to me to order the damn eel. :PP
At first glance, you might think Omakase is an A-list restaurant. What else would it be doing in an almost-high class resto mall beside 145 Fahrenheit (high-class steak restaurant)? In truth, it ain’t that good.. hehe. If I were to give it a rating out of 5, it would probably place at around 3.95, closing in on 4. We ordered the following foods: Dynamite and Jurassic Roll for sushi, agedashi tofu, chicken teppanyaki, katsudon, unijaru (eel:P) and some kind of Jap noodle (i forgot). Let’s do a dish-by-dish review, shall we? 🙂
1. Dynamite Roll
=> wasn’t that dynamic. I was expecting spicy from it, but I was duped. :)) (kidding). The serving looked pretty small, too, despite the fact that there were ten pieces on the plate. The wasabi was SMALL. I hate that.
2. Jurassic Roll
=> reinvented sushi. Unique taste, but not so wow-za if you compare it outside. over-hyped up food if you ask me.
3. Agedashi Tofu
=> liked this one. It was soft (and soggy) and tasted like geniune tofu (i don’t even know what it tastes like). but i liked it. it made me realize why people wanna suddenly go on soy diets. :))
4. Chicken Teppanyaki
=> didn’t get to eat everything, but the chicken was tender, like the terriyaki i ate back in Zensho. XD
5. Katsudon
=> no idea how it tasted. ask kp:))
6. Unijaru
=> I WILL NEVER ORDER EEL EVER AGAIN. Mommy blames it on my sensationalized taste buds, but I swear that was as slimy as SLIME itself. I wouldn’t call it worth it for P310 and paltry rice all in a box. Maybe eel lovers would like it, but it isn’t my cup of tea, its someone else’s tea cup. 😛

=> Considering we came in at the middle of rush hour, it was so-so. I call it “what-polite-looks-like-at-rush-hour” service. Waiters were nice, repeated orders and they took time as we ordered. Advice: things to look for in a restaurant: good service, patient waiters (real ones) and good food.
=> If you are planning on eating at Omakase, come early, but not too early. We were lucky enough to get a cozy table right before a throng of people arrived. We could’ve been on that long-ass list had we come later. The early bird always gets the worm, or the good table. :)). The hostess looked like Ginger Conejero with a mole. 😀
=> Leave it to the color black to deceive innocent consumers of high-class appeal. Nevertheless the place was okay. It was just what to expect. The sleek black gave it a more ooh-la-la appeal to people, and it gave me the perception Omakase is no Terriyaki Boy or Karate Kid. 😀
=> It’s comfy if you get the right chairs.
=> It has no specific demographic. Everything from friends on a night out to noisy families were present. You could call it a melting pot of diversity. At least now I know why it was so noisy and someone broke a glass. :))

Yeah, probably. The prices aren’t so bad and the place is fine. I would definitely make better choices in my ordering, though. Damn blog! X(
Omakase is a good place for those who want a lighter version of Terriyaki Boy and Tempura. It’s almost diet sushi, actually. If there’s one thing that Omakase has that’s worth coming back for it’s a lightly-flavored menu (ACCORDING TO MOMMY). :)) That, apparently, is why my eel tasted like itself (despite the fact that it looked like slices of bangus.

PICTURES: Was too lazy to bring my cellphone and charge it. :D. The presentation isn’t something to write home about, though, so no biggie. 🙂

Rating: ***.95 out of *****

NEXT ISSUE: Buon Giorno at Shaw Blvd. (I HOPE!!! I’ll bring my cam this time. ) =)


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