Food Blogging: Teriyaki Boy

Sigh.. this blog isn’t only a few days late, it’s also a few years late! I should have been writing this two to three years ago, back when Terriyakii Boy was just an up-and-coming Japanese restaurant with a branch somewhere in Greenhills (the original branch, mind you). Anyways, here’s my LATE REVIEW. We ate at the Banawe branch of Terriyaki Boy, a place we used to frequent years back. These days, not as often, though. I joined my mom and sister there, and here’s my review, based again on the criteria I use to rate restaurants: the E-Lise scale of foodie goodness! =)

LOCATION: Right in the heart of Banawe’s “Mini T.Morato” restaurant district. It is beside a small branch of Cheesecake etc. If you’re looking for a place to bring a big family, TBOy Banawe is the place.

FIRST IMPRESSION: Japanese to the bone. TBoy is all-out Japanese, from interior alone you can tell what food they serve.

RESTAURANT RESEMBLANCE: Now this is easy: dumbed-down version of Sugi and Saisaki. But more modern and compact. Sorry:P

INSIDE: It’s a relaxing place, and it’s cozy interior can be mistaken for a colder version of StarBucks. TBOy is a great place to visit in the late afternoons, if you want to relax over refillable red iced tea and unlimited sushi while finishing a report or two.

NECESSITIES: Everything’s right there, so there isn’t much worry. Relax along and get what you need, when you need it.

STAFF: Just enough, really. They were kind of slow in our case, though, despite the fact that it wasn’t even a lunch or dinner rush. I had to ask three people just for an iced tea refill for my sister and myself. Tsk.

ARTS: Japanese-influenced, that’s all I can say.

FOOD: ***

This is just a boring, boring, boring food-related afternoon snack.

1. Tea

2. Red Iced Tea

3. Futo Maki

4. Ika Fry

5. Dynamite Roll


1. Tea=Tea is tea. ‘Nuff said.

2. Red Iced Tea==It’s the kind of drink I would chug and chug. Hehehehe. Bearable taste and just a hint of redness.

3. Futo Maki==It still tastes the same as before, with all the exotic Japanese kicks of those strange stuff they do put in the futo maki.

4. Ika Fry=Good thick squid. Yummy to the tummy.. the accompanying sauce wasn’t so bad, either.

5. Dynamite Roll=It kicks the ass of the Omakase Dynamite Roll! It tasted just as spicy as I wanted it, with the addition of Cayenne Pepper, raw tuna and a yummy, sizzling hot taste. I’d come back for more.

Overall: ***

Comeback Factor: Yes


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