John Lennon’s post-Beatles recordings aren’t so bad as well. I didn’t really delve deep into his Plastic Ono Band catalog, but I listened to three of his most famous post-Beatles tracks and I’m a big, big fan.


Probably one of the most iconic songs ever made in music history. It’s straight-to-the-point lyrics and beautiful melody make for a song that will last decades after it’s release. Has this point been proven? Yes. Who would’ve thought a song released 39 years ago would still click with listeners today? Big surprise, isn’t it? I really don’t think so. “Imagine” is number three on the list of Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 greatest songs of all time.

“Give Peace A Chance”

This song shares anthem status with “Imagine”, and it was extremely popular as an anti-war anthem in the seventies, when people were protesting against the Vietnam war. Another song that speaks of moral issues, it’s biting wit and underhanded sarcasm with some of the lyrics do a strange job of further giving the song an iconic edge. Plus, it’s simplicity (no over-production here) gave it a bigger edge when it came to relating with the youth that protested against the war.

“Instant Karma”

Despite John Lennon’s rebellious and over-the-top nature, he ironically wrote several songs that spoke of moral topics, with underhanded satirical ideas. Instant Karma inspired writer Stephen King’s bestselling book The Shining. Yet despite all that, it’s a song that is still one of Lennon’s well-known works. In my opinion, the song could almost pass for a lesson in “karma”, but it sometimes isn’t enough.

“How Do You Sleep”

No, this isn’t the Jesse McCartney song with Ludacris.

An underhanded track that bashes Lennon’s ex-songwriting partner Paul McCartney, the song’s beats sound a lot like the early makings of overproduced music. Yet despite all that the song, in my opinion, is a better way of insulting compared to what stars do today.


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