Who do You Believe? A survey for change 2010

Here is the survey itself.
Below, I have placed handpicked news items about the alleged and proven
cheating that is said to have happened during the May 2010 elections. I only took the important details, and none of the snippets below are sprinkled with my personal opinions. I also took some excerpts from actual news articles from the internet.
1.Read the snippets below and decide for yourself: who do you believe?
2.I have also included a brief profile of the person who alleges of the cheating, to further help your judgment.
3.Remember that judging these people is not wrong: they have put themselves in the spotlight by running for political office. They want to serve us, and by submitting to such, they are putting themselves at our mercy. They want to help us.. they want to serve the people, and the country.
4. Write your answer in the comments below: the question of the day is: who’s allegations are you willing to believe? who do you not believe? and why?
5. By participating in this survey, you are participating in change. Well, not exactly. Opinions are valuable, and there are times expressing our opinions is something we should never, ever take for granted. We should exercise our right to free speech.
I do not want anymore to express my opinion on these issues, because it is of no use, and it’s stupid of me to keep ranting like some irrational teenager. So I thought: why don’t I present it in a manner that will actually make more sense? Besides, I want to hear what other people are thinking about these issues. I want to hear what other people have to say. I want to know what other people believe. So please respond!! :). I really appreciate opinions. This is what is blog is all about anyway. I believe it is up to us, the people of this country to judge our leaders. They want to serve us anyway, right? We deserve the right to judge. They’ve reserved for
themselves the right to be judged, and the right to serve.
This survey is similar to the Reader’s Digest Who Do You Trust? survey that was featured in it’s May 2010 issue, and also the presidential profiles published by the Philippine STAR prior to election, to guide voters in choosing their ideal  candidate for the election.
Profile: Former actor and ex-president of the Philippines. He was impeached in 2001, and stepped down gracefully after People Power. He was charged with graft and corruption and later pardoned by incumbent president Gloria Arroyo. He ran for the presidency in 2010 with Jejomar Binay as his vice-president, and he is currently in second place in the partial, unofficial results released by the COMELEC.
Accusation: (This is according to a quote from the news): His camp has strong evidence that CF CARDS used in the election were pre-programmed to make certain candidates win. They were supposedly programmed to reflect desired election results and not the actual votes on the ballots. His camp finds it astounding how Erap lost in his hometown of San Juan. He is questioning the credibility of the election results as a result of such discrepancies that were cited in the election returns. However, he will not file an election protest if the final results proclaim that he has lost.
Profile: Mayor of Manila from 1998-2007. Also the former Environment Secretary under the Arroyo administration. He is known for wearing hula shirts. He is a supporter of President Arroyo and Manny Pacquiao. Implemented the “Buhayin Ang Manila” program during his time as mayor. He was preceded and succeeded by Alfredo Lim as mayor of Manila.
Accusation: He blames “some kind of magic” for his loss in the mayoral race. He filed an appeal to demand the recount of the election returns of all the 1,441 precincts, saying that the people deserve to know the truth. He alleges that his opponent Alfredo Lim was proclaimed mayor despite the fact that there were discrepancies in the counting and canvassing process. He also cited discrepancies in 10 election returns (ERs) from the areas of Sta. Ana, Sampaloc, Tondo and Paco which, according to him, bore the wrong dates and time of day.

Senator Jamby Madrigal
Profile: Former SWS Undersecretary and presidential adviser for childrens’ affairs. She was elected as senator during the 2004 elections. She is the head of four committees in the senate: Committee on Environment, Committee on Youth, Women and Family Relations, Committee on Peace, Unification and Reconciliation, and the Committee on Cultural Communities. Madrigal is the head of several[specify] foundations that aim to heighten awareness of the plight of street children, and to raise funds for various centers that award school scholarships to the children of the poor.During the presidential campaign, Madrigal launched many allegations of corruption against Sen. Manny Villar (NP). Over the course of the campaign, Madrigal brought out “700 pages of evidence”[12] to prove that Villar had “realigned C-5 (a main Metro Manila thoroughfare) to pass by [Villar’s] real estate developments so that [Villar] would be paid for right of way.”[13] These accusations, coupled with the legislative backing of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile (PMP), are said to have dealt the deathblow to Villar’s presidential aspirations in 2010. * Source: http://www.wikipedia.org
JC Delos Reyes
Profile: Olongapo City councilor and standard bearer of the Ang Kapatiran Party. He was elected as city councilor in 1995, and focused on the poor, the youth and cooperatives. As councilor, de los Reyes has spoken out and campaigned against illegal drugs, rampant violations of worker’s rights at Hanjin, Subic Bay and has campaigned against illegal fish cages in the area. He has also led protests against the proposed coal power plant and has been outspoken in criticizing government’s plan to open more casinos in Subic. He is the nephew of Senator Richard Gordon, who also ran in the 2010 Presidential Race.
*Source: http://www.wikipedia.org
Nicanor Perlas
Profile: An activist and receipent of the Right Livelihood Award (also known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize”) in 2003. In his university days, Perlas was one of the key organizers of a university-wide education reform movement that resulted in changes in university policies. During this time, he founded the first ecological society in the Philippines. After graduation, he co-organized a successful large scale global campaign, the first of its kind during his time, to halt 12 nuclear plants in the Philippines. Perlas subsequently become a technical adviser to the Presidential Commission on the Philippine Nuclear Power Plant, Office of the President of the Philippines, where he was instrumental in stopping the operation
of the fully constructed and operational Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, a $2.2 billion project plagued with design, construction, location, and corruption problems.He has been chairman of several national civil society networks including the Green Forum Philippines, the Philippine Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, and the Civil Society Counterpart Council for Sustainable Development..
*Source: http://www.wikipedia.org
Accusation: Senator Madrigal alleges that an ‘Electronic Garci’ was carried out using flash cards that had pre-programmed results on them. Madrigal, Delos Reyes and Perlas have not conceded, citing the “unproven and flawed automated system” They are claiming to be putting their political agendas aside to put the interests of the people at the forefront.
* Source: http://www.philstar.com*

*Source: http://www.wikipilipinas.com
Profile: Founder and spiritual director of the Jesus is Lord Church. He is atelevangelist and the owner of ZOE Broadcasting Network. He is also the owner and president of Jesus Is Lord Colleges Foundation Inc. (JILCF), a christian school in Bocaue, Bulacan.
*This excerpt is taken from en.wikipilipinas.org
Accusation: *Source: http://www.philstar.com* Presidential candidate Eddie Villanueva and his Bangon Pilipinas Party is set to investigate documented reports from their members that votes for their candidates were not counted in the last elections.Speaking to reporters at the
Quezon Memorial Circle yesterday, Bangon Pilipinas vice-presidential candidate Perfecto Yasay said they have received complaints from a growing number of voters that their choice of candidates in last Monday’s elections has not been counted by the PCOS machines. Yasay said.
Profile: Is the current mayor of Makati City, Philippines and as of May 10, 2010, currently the leading candidate in tallied votes for Vice President of the Philippines in the 2010 election. He is also the President of the United Opposition (UNO), President of Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) and President of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.
Accusation: The link below will tell you everything.

Now, after reading through these accusations and the people who are making these accusations, what do you have to say? Who gets your vote? Who do you believe?
Type your answer in the comments box, and feel free to copy these and tag as much people as you want. It will be interesting to see their answers.


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