Who do YOU BELIEVE? A survey for change.

This was one of my latest blogs from my FB page. Read on and enjoy!

I should have known better. I had to expect the first-ever automated elections to be a success, not just technologically, but morally. Who would still want to cheat anymore, I wondered, considering how these days we took voting seriously. With all those media campaigns that encouraged the public to be vessels of change, why would there be cheating still? Why aren’t our morals in shape anymore?. It’s really a shame, how despite the fact that people actually stood up and made a change with the help of media, some people actually still decided that the people were stupid, and wouldn’t realize that there were anomalies present.

This is why I am starting this survey. I realized just recently, after a conversation with my elder sister, that no matter how much I nag and nag and rant and rant about the elections and all it’s imperfections, nothing will happen. My opinion is just an opinion. It would’ve been great to see this opinion help change things, but as of now that isn’t happening just yet.

Before I go on, I would like to share with you my definition of what cheating in the elections really means. When corrupt politicians decide to cheat in the elections through several different means, they are committing several sins all in one. They are under minding their constituents. Why? Because they think that their subjects are stupid. They think that the people will not give a damn if there are anomalies. They think that the Filipino people are so stupid and so vulnerable and so clueless! Well, I really don’t think that’s even true. These politicians are underestimating the capabilities of their people. They are forcing us to make fools of ourselves. How? By slipping past us and cheating right under our noses.

Hopefully, that won’t continue to happen in the near future. I believe that Filipinos are not stupid. I don’t believe that we are vulnerable, clueless, illiterate and dumb. That just sounds absurd. That’s why we must continue to take our vote seriously. We should be vigilant, and watch our vote. If the people are vigilant and work together, change will come. Politicians will be scared then to cheat on their people, because such a mistake will cost them their political careers. We should always emulate the spirit of People Power.

Thank You Very Much.



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