The Reality of Hypocrisy…. the audacity!

These days, especially in times when 2012 is only two years away and disaster has began to strike (earthquakes, people), the environment is a topic that is prioritized in miting de avances and political debates. Politicians have learned that the environment is as serious a topic as health, Gloria Arroyo and religion. Before I do go on and speak my mind, I will tell you this, and I will admit it: I am no walking Greenpeace. Alternative, environmentally friendly things aren’t the usual things on my shopping list. Like everybody else, I can’t say that I’ve lived an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, but I’m starting (just like everybody else). Another issue that has also seemed to plague election fever is the big issue with campaign posters. Candidates simply do not follow the RULES! The ABS-CBN Boto Patrol coverage seems to have a new headline every day about illegal poster sizes and these posters being placed in all the WRONG PLACES, despite guidelines already being made and sent out to these people who wish to run for office. So, what, you may wonder, am I trying to say? What’s my point? Well.. it’s pretty simple. Posters are made of PAPER. PAPER that comes from trees. If they ain’t PAPER, they sure as hell are made of PLASTIC. When the MMDA decides to take off these posters, WHERE DO THEY GO? Recycling? Decorating? Nahh.. I doubt it. They’ll go in the TRASH, and where does this trash go? A GARBAGE DUMP. And where does this garbage go? If not the BODIES OF WATER, the PASIG, and so many many other places, and where will they go afterwards? INTO THE MOUTHS OF INNOCENT SEA DWELLERS, who mistake them for FOOD. So what will happen to these animals? THEY WILL DIE. It’s that simple. I’m pretty sure if anyone reads this they’ll comment: posters are part of election fever! Don’t you notice how much posters start appearing when the wretched month of May approaches? Well, here’s my reply to whoever will say that: i don’t’ give a crap if they’re part of election fever! It pretty much means that every four years during the month of May our country contributes greatly to the downfall of the environment by posting and later trashing posters made of plastic or paper! We prove with great power and a smile on our faces that anthropogenic global warming is indeed the cause of our current environmental woes! Are we supposed to be PROUD of that? No! Look, the solution here is pretty simple, because it involves the here and now. Since we haven’t heard so far of a candidate that actually uses recycled paper/plastic for his/her campaign posters, we’ll have to wait for 2016 for that to happen (if ever anyone dares take a stand like this). I simply ask that the green and clean, near and dear MMDA do the Momma Nature and the rest of her children a favor: that they properly dispose of, or recycle all those annoying election posters that are being put up in illegal zones, those posters that they are taking down. Make a bag out of them and sell it! (election souvenirs!). Recycle them and make them useful to all of us voters and wannabe voters. Maybe a bag made of campaign posters might just be some new fashion trend that people will go for! It sure as hell beats dead animals, global warming and all those other negatives that come with the improper disposal of this campaign paraphernalia. This is what I ask to the current and future eager beavers waiting for their chance at public office (and possible corruption, I hope not): the next time you rich/not-so-rich lads and ladies decide you’re going to run for public office (and you have the money for campaign posters) pleassee… do the environment a favor: go look for a poster-maker that will print all your stuff on environmentally-friendly plastic/paper. If you do decide on such a thing, I give you the leeway to include it in your campaign, to speak about it during political debates and discussions, heck I give you the leeway to post posters anywhere you WANT! (except the illegal places, of course). I assure you, future senators and senadoras of our country, that if you consider such a move in favor of Madam Nature, she, the lady in green, will repay you for your good action. You might just wake up a whole new demographic that has appeared ever since greenpeace: the envi nuts. They may be a small and up-and-coming demographic, but with greenpeace by your side, everything and anything is possible! (Just make sure to have environmental protection as one of your top priorities, if you ever, ever run for office and win).


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