It’s bad to blame

I’ve recently been taking a break from writing my opinion blogs, mainly because recent updates that have followed election fever, including those annoying congressional inquiries give me a major headache. Plus, I’d rather not spend some extra time listening to our officials cuss at other people because of their hypertension. But I could not resist to write something after I read columnist Bobit S. Avila’s column, which was published in the Philippine STAR.

In his column, Mr. Avila blamed the 1987 constitution and the members of Cory Aquino’s cabinet for the failure of the elections. He put all the blame and insult on the fact that it was because of this constitution did the 2010 election fail, citing the constitution’s several loopholes that have contributed to the several hindrances of the supposed convenient automated elections. He also used some select words to indirectly bash authors of the constitution for their haphazard final output, the constitution we still use today. He also cited ‘a democracy hangover’ as the reason for having made a constitution with several loopholes that are biting us in the butt today. Mr. Avila ended his column by citing a proposal to nullify the elections, probably because of the reasons he previously mentioned.

Some of you may agree that were points said by Mr. Avila that actually made sense. Well, they did, but let’s put it this way: to blame everything on a half-baked, 23-year-old constitution is just plain stupid. It’s pretty obvious that putting blame on a bad piece of political document is this writer’s last resort. He was probably not willing to dig beneath the surface and to pick out the specific things that did make the election so wrong. How about the lack of planning? The lack of need for computer-related protection and tracing software that could have prevented the discrepanies? To put the blame on a two decade old constitution isn’t gonna cut it. It’s just plain irrational and stupid.

But despite all that, he had a point. The several loopholes in the constitution did end up biting us in the butt 23 years later. The party list system has given this country so much headaches ever since its inception, and it has become an increasingly incovenient hindrance, especially during election time. Mr. Avila said something in his column about how the party list of his sister that supports disabled people (I think) could have no chance of winning in the election and being represented in congress and he was right. Out of the numerous partylists that are there, several are fighting for those without a voice, those that have been forgotten and pushed aside in the wake of the election. Lastly, Mr. Avila’s suggestion to nullify the elections entirely is a very, very extreme move. Why? why must it be nullified when everything has already been said and done? Mistakes have already been made, and to erase all the errors inadvertently caused by a bad electoral system would simply be a last minute futile move to try to re-do what has already been done wrong. In short, it won’t do us any good.

The best thing we can do now is to move forward and try our very best to correct the errors that plagued our last election. We should become solution-oriented and think of changes that can help enhance and improve our political system. We should also consider reviewing the 1987 constitution and revising the several loopholes that have caused us so much problems in this recent election. I thank Mr. Avila for bringing up the errors in the constitution so that politicians can take the time to correct these loopholes and revise the constitution so that our country can improve, even if it may be the smallest way possible.


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