New president, new country? That is the question

As everyone may already know, 2010 is a historic year for our country. Today, a new president is sworn in, a new president that promises to change the landscape of a country battered and beaten by the cruelties of corruption and political unrest. As I watch the inaguration on TV, like so many other people in the country, I think to myself… what will happen? The biggest question on my mind is this: now that we will have a new president… will we have a new country? That is the big thing to ask. It may be too early to say now, but we have every right to predict what our country will be like a few months or a year from now. We have every right to ask ourselves, if indeed, our choice was correct. If indeed, the new president can truly turn the country around and change the world… our world, at least.

So, as we watch the continuing coverage of President-elect Aquino’s inaguration, let’s not be afraid to think forward, and plan ahead, and hope for the best for our future. Because as we all may remember: outgoing President Arroyo also used to be our beacon of hope. She used to be the answer to a corrupted country… let’s hope that Noynoy, another descendant of an ex-president, will do a much better job and truly change the country, as his parents Ninoy and Cory had hoped to do, those many years ago.


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