AI 10: Personal Opinions

Most of my family doesn’t really watch Idol anymore ever since Simon left, but I’ve found this year to be quite a breath of fresh air, despite the slip-ups here and there. I decided to finally do an Idol blog post mainly because reading too much of Lyndsey Parker on Yahoo is annoying. I dunno. I respect the woman’s opinions and realize it’s her job and stuff, but oh well… free speech? 😀

From what I’m seeing the top two looks a lot like Pia and James. Jacob is a clear second choice. If America judges this based solely on vocals. Pia is like an Italian Carrie Underwood, though I’d like to see her do midtempo, because, yes… there did come a point Miss Carrie herself, despite being the powerful vocalist that she is, well… she did a midtempo song. Other powerful singers that managed to pull that off: Jordin Sparks. Winners, mind you. Just keep Pia in.. she might just win. James will forever be, no matter how much he likes it or not, the hard rock Adam Lambert. I may not be a music connoisseur, but I saw that performance where they said he toned it down, well, he sort of did. There still was that scream in the end when he finished up the song. ‘Toned down’ in the case of Adam Lambert was a gentle (and sexy) falsetto that brought the tears out during ‘Tracks of my Tears’. Adam was also able to deliver haunting with ‘Mad World’ and jazzy with ‘Feeling Good’. Nevertheless, I think James has his own style, and whatever he does can hopefully keep him in. (Forget that ‘Pepsi’ thing for a bit, apologize to the Jacksons, and you’ll be fine.). In Pia’s case, she’ll have a career, all right. A voice like that is music gold.

I chose Jacob as a second choice for top two, because, I’d like to once more reiterate the fact that this is a singing competition. If ever he does get voted off, it might be song choice or overall audience oomph that might do him in. For the others, I still think they’ll all have great careers (maybe because of their career-ready voices) to tell you the truth.

Paul McDonald has that Adam Levine twang in his tongue, and that swagger of his can get him far. I hope to see him mainstream soon. Lyndsey had a point with liking him. I want to see him duet with Adam Levine in the finals!!!

Lauren Alaina is my third choice for top two. She can make the top four in terms of vocal prowess, and she’s got this country pop thing about her that makes me hope she’ll be big. Taylor Swift opened a lot of doors, and Lauren is practically ready to walk through them. The girl is talented, and young. Young equals long music life in Hollywood.

Haley Reindhart (sorry if I spelled it wrong:D) really brought it back with that performance of hers this week. Since the only Fleetwood Mac song I personally know is ‘Rhiannon’, can’t say much about who she sounds like. The growl is kinda hot, though… she just shouldn’t do it so much. She might just be singing jazz-pop in the coming years.

Casey Abrams redeemed himself with ‘Your Song’. I was at first in clear disbelief they would use the save so early in the game, but it was worth it. Casey won me over with the blues, and his clear love for the classics, and not the currents. That alone made him different. His neurotic performances turned off some people to the point of voting him off, but things won’t be so bad once he learns to chill. Control is the key for Casey, who really changed it up with that new ‘do. ❤

Scotty McCreery adorableness sure can get you far. Hope to see him doing country with Lauren in the near future. He might just be the new ‘country disciple’ that can make us all love country again. Not like Taylor Swift hasn’t been doing a bad job with that, though. For the record, they’d make a great couple. Once they break it off she might consider writing ‘Scotty’. :)))

Stefano Langone happens to be one of my personal favorites. It was his ‘Just the Way You Are’ performance that really gave me goosebumps, despite the fact it almost sent him home. Recent DUI news didn’t do him much good, though, but it seems the flirting with J.lo isn’t going to end anytime soon. Nevertheless, I love this guy, and whether or not he makes it that far will depend entirely on toning down the desperation and kicking up those mad vocals of his. He managed to turn in a ‘consistent’ grade during his first two weeks on the big Idol stage, and let’s hope that he can bring that up until the later weeks of the show so he’ll stay on.

If he doesn’t, never fear though boys and girls because with the piano and his Italian-ness (Joey, meet your long-lost little brother!), Stefano will surely go far and we might just see him duke it out on the charts with Bruno Mars himself! [they’ve both got the crooner thing going].

So that’s it boys and girls. Let’s just hope things go as things should do and Season 10 doesn’t end up being the final Idol season. Another thing I’m hoping for is that they keep Steven Tyler and J.Lo next year. S.Ty as they seem to be a hundred times more… I dunno, they bring fun I guess? J.Lo has had her breakdown moments, though she seems not to be as neurotic as Paula (peace!, besides Paula’s got her own show, right?) and she manages to give more umm.. concise criticisms and that sure helps. Steven may be the proverbial nice judge, but since Randy’s been donning black a lot recently I think he’s taken Randy’s place. It would be nice to see him give a bad comment here and there, to.. especially when such comment is merited. It sure helps America decide, that’s for sure. 😛


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