REPOST: An Opinion Post: Race and Religion

I was watching another one of Nigahiga’s videos on YouTube one evening and encountered a foreign name I’d never heard of before (in recent news, that is) someone called Alexandra Wallace. Curious as I was, I googled the name and found out who this girl was. It turns out, she’s this UCLA student who posted a YouTube video ranting about Asians in the library and how it annoys her when they talk on their cellphones in the library. That wasn’t the big thing that made this video viral, though… it was the racist comments she made and the extremely blatant use of gibberish in mocking the Chinese language.

My main purpose for writing this would be to express the pent-up opinions inside me that have began to emerge since reading through a ton of comments that expressed their own personal opinions regarding the issue. I have to admit some of those opinions rattled me to my core and caused a few well-chosen cuss words to emerge in my head (I’m not the type to say things out loud). So, in the spirit of free speech, it’s my turn to talk, people:P

I originally intended to post the video on Facebook, but I’d rather not be an agent of cyber bullying somebody I haven’t even met. It’s stupid. Besides, I’m sure you can search it on Google just as easily and find it online, either in it’s original or parodied form (considering the amount of videos being made). First of all, I’d like to emphasize the points (or lack thereof.. kidding!) that did actually make sense in what she said. She had a point about the cellphones in the library thing, that’s not just part of American manners, thank you very much. I believe even a library in an Asian country like the Philippines actually discourages people to talk on the phone while in the library, a place that some (if not most of us) associate with ‘quiet signs’ and some old lady telling us to shush. She made the big mistake of ranting about a small thing that could easily be solved with her asking said person to speak outside. I mean, I’ve seen it in a lot of American movies where the people just point to the ‘quiet’ sign. Don’t libraries have those in UCLA? Really!

Everything else about that video I found really insulting.

1. CHING-CHONG-CHING THING: Not nice. Just plain not nice. It may be a commonly-used way to mock the Chinese language, but Asians aren’t just CHINESE. What about the Indians, Indonesians, Malaysians, Koreans…?

2. TSUNAMI TALK: Considering it has been barely a month since this event transpired, talking about it in a manner that does not involve sympathy (they deserve it), and jokingly talking about it or even mentioning it is cold. I’d rather not talk about recent events that did happen in America that were devastating, because I’m Asian and we’re not that.. vindictive. I’ll tell you that now.

3. NOT KNOWING HOW TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES: Hmm… I’m a little torn about this. I don’t think Asians don’t know how to fend for themselves. It is true that unlike America where youngsters are turned out of the house at 18, we stay together with our families well into marriage and childbearing. There are some Asians that do end up dependent on their families to the point of dependency, but not all Asians are like that. Despite not having that chance (not speaking for the entire Asian population here), most if not all of us actually end up learned members of society that are actually able to survive the outside world, despite not being thrown into it the way American teenagers are. Both American and Asian cultures have their strengths and weaknesses, their good parts and their flaws. Their chre tien and their yeo tien.


=> based on some research I did online, and on some comments I’ve read.

1. NOT ONLY ASIANS TALK ON THEIR PHONE IN THE LIBRARY. I haven’t actually been to a library in a foreign university (specifically an American university) so I’m not going to talk about the things I see in movies. I guess that that Wallace girl must have been in the library on a day when there were many Asians in the library, so she came to the ‘conclusion’? that only Asians talk on their phones in the library. For all we know she could’ve walked into the library when there were groups of Japanese students checking on their families in Japan to see if they were okay….

2. SOMETHING ABOUT ASIANS NOT BEING ABLE TO READ AND UNDERSTAND ENGLISH????? Are you kidding me? As you may have noticed I’m actually writing this essay in English. Surprised, are you? Plus, I doubt there would be Asians who would sabotage Alexandra’s grades. If they do, then shame on them… but it would be their choice. I have no control on other people’s lives and what they might choose to do in the wake of this incident. I just take major offense regarding that comment. You’re kidding, right? REALLY?

3. TOO MUCH: I applaud free speech, considering I like to practice it myself a few zillion times every day. I don’t really know whether those death threats received by Alexandra are true, but that’s just too much. She was practicing her right to free speech. I kinda like the YouTube parodies and the responses people made to her, though, so keep those up my Asian brothers and sisters:) Nice to see just how close-knit and how opinionated the Asian community is. Alexandra should realize posting a rant that clearly is racist in a place as open as YouTube was just plain stupid. I’m sad to see her say goodbye to her UCLA education, though, but I’d rather not like to endure what she must be enduring just because of that video. RACIST VIDEO=BAD MOVE.

4.NO ONE WOULD CARE, IF HE/SHE WERE OF ANOTHER RACE: I highly doubt that. Considering Asians and Americans happen to be very opinionated races, if other things were said of the latter, I doubt we would not expect hate videos and the like. It might’ve probably been a thousand times worse had the perp been someone of Asian descent.

You want a clear example of racism? Why is it that Americans seem to think Asians refer only to Chinese people? Really?

I’ve actually read enough Psych journals to know that there have been tests that have proven Asian students do better academically than Americans do.

But if there’s one thing I can be assured of, it’s the reality of racism. It’ll never die. It’ll never be the kind of social disease that is common to one nation, or one race.

Think about that.

UPDATE: Turns out that yes, Alexandra will really leave UCLA. Sad. 😦


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