Summer Blues

It’s best to concretize things, so here are the things I hope to get done.

1.) Lose pounds => Ladies and gentlemen, I am a fatass. :))

2.) Read=> literacy=yeah. Deep, good literacy= not so much.

3.) Finish Palanca entries=> I won’t win for like another year, but getting my vote in helps.

4.) Cook something=> I feel an urge for pancakes.

5.) College Review=> An aid to my future. C’mon!

6.) College Apps=> I don’t have anything ready at the moment. 😦

7.) Write=> Finished Obsession and Bass, Man. Lord, thank you!

8.) Be Opinionated=> DONE! :>


I’ve already started writing out ideas for next year’s Teacher’s Day presentation and Passion Play. Hope to write something EPIC that will be the highlight of senior year for all of us. Hai… the pressure is on, but I like it. It’s good to get started now.

Reminds me, must accomplish registration form for enrollment into highschool next year. —I feel the nerves—-



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