Contemporary Icons 2

Continuing the list I made of current musicians that have ‘icon’ potential, at least in my personal opinion. Feel free to tell me what you think.

1. Taylor Swift

Country music was all about cowboys and yodeling to me until I listened to Taylor Swift. Her autobiographical lyrics are the most real songs I’ve heard, and she’s managed to speak to her audience and allowed them to relate to her in so many ways that they feel as if they know her so well. Some artists hardly spend that much time trying to connect with their fans, since they seem to spend more time thinking of career choices instead. Taylor is a fan’s singer, and it’ll only be through her music where you’ll find songs that can actually allow listeners to relate to her in a very real sense. She also made playing the guitar cool again thanks to her live shows. Taylor is a true inspiration to girls everywhere, and that what makes her a contemporary icon.

2. Bruno Mars

Never have we seen a more talented singer come out in recent years. Mars, born Peter Hernandez, grew up loving music, eventually choosing it as his lifelong craft, a choice that seems to bode well with all his fans. He’s clearly a born musician: equipped with a talent for sincere and sometimes in your face songwriting, a skillfull and vast knowledge of instruments and a clear love for his current career, this half-Filipino singer songwriter cum lyricist producer has a bright future ahead. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t fall off the bandwagon because of vices like alcohol and drugs. I have high hopes for Peter Hernandez aka Bruno Mars.

3. The Script

I’m one of those people that isn’t a big fan of super emo bands, but there’s something so moving about the songwriting that really gets me with the Script. If they continue producing the songs that they do now in the next few years I guarantee a big future for this Irish band. They aren’t just about scratching the surface in most of their tracks, and their skilled poetry when it comes to songwriting is music gold. Hope to see them still in the coming years.


Justin Bieber

I’m banking on the Biebs to stay in the business, especially since despite the fact that most of us won’t really want to admit it, he’s pretty talented. Let’s just hope that he’ll grow up along with his music and become a full-fledged star, and not just the David Cassidy of his time. He clearly has the potential, but he has got to grow up musically to stay in this business for more than five years or so.


Jonas Brothers

I used to be such a big fan of these guys, but it seems like they’ve faded out of the limelight since their last album Lines, Vines and Trying Times. Last I heard my ex-crush Kevin is married (sob) and Joe is dating Ashley Greene. Nick is single? Yeay! :)) But where are they? Didn’t they like used to be the Beatles of this day and age? A boyband loved by Disney lovers during 2007 (the year I deem as the golden age of Montana-Brobros and Disney in general) , the Jonas Brothers seem to be keeping a low profile. I haven’t heard much of any upcoming albums, videos or new singles. I didn’t even bother watching that new show of theirs ever since I heard the original plot was revamped into something horribly boring.

Nick’s solo effort with his band wasn’t so bad, but when oh when will they be bringing back the JoBros? Doesn’t look like that’ll be anytime soon. Maybe all the former Jo fans went off to JBiebs already. Let’s just hope they come back with some real songs before their fanbase fades off into bye-bye land.

Hilary Duff

I miss her cuteness and her poppy voice. Unfortunately it looks like she won’t be making much music anymore, considering she’s a missus now. Goodbye to Lizzie M and all her youthy cuteness. What a shame.



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