You’re kidding, right?

I’m not the best music critic in the world, but there was a huge part of me that knew Rebecca Black had absolutely nothing to do with the inception of the song ‘Friday’ aside from singing it.

“‘Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards.’ I mean, everybody knows that, obviously, but I wanted the song to be simple and kind of sweet,” Wilson says in the interview. “People talk so much about how silly or stupid the lyrics are, but pop songs, they’re meant to be catchy and to tell things in a simple kind of way. I feel bad that Rebecca has been getting so many people criticizing the song. Because it was me that wrote it.”- source,

This was an excerpt taken from a chat Clarence Jay did with Yahoo Music regarding the song, which we now know was actually written by him. ZOMG. No, I’m kidding. No surprise there. According to him pop songs are meant to be catchy and tell things in a simple way. Not that SIMPLE, of course! What he seems to mean by ‘simple way’ is stating obvious facts like the days of the week:)) It’s just right that he feels pretty bad Rebecca is getting the flack for the stupid lyrics. Yes, bottomline… they’re pretty stupid, mainly because they seem to stating facts all of us know too well, LIKE THE DAYS OF THE WEEK.

On the other hand,  the company Jay heads up, Ark Music Factory, seems to be doing a good deed nonetheless. Or… what am I saying? Good deed? I dunno. This will forever be the most infamously hated song there ever will be.

P.S. I think Ark writes the other songs for the other girls too. :))




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