I find it rather surprising that I managed to formulate a plot for a story like this only now. I’m a big fan of the Beauty and the Beast type story, where the girl falls for some handsome yet physically scarred prince-to-be, yet I found it increasingly difficult to create a story that would portray something like that. The closest I’ve come to a dark love story is Obsession, a tale about a teenage girl who finds herself once more running from the same serial killer who massacred her whole family. She eventually finds love with the killer’s teenage son, who turns out to be the one who saved her from being murdered by his father. 

    But well, times change and I guess there came a point where chic lit wouldn’t cut it for me 🙂 

Presenting… BEAST! ^^ 


* Read the next post for the plot, hehe 🙂


Conversations with A Traveler. Start.

I was late. And like grandma always said, it’s stupid to be late. The rain drenched me and I felt so stupid, walking into the restaurant with wet espadrilles, a moist dress and a broken umbrella. A part of me dreamed of running out of there with my wits intact, before the woman in the counter decided to give me another piercing stare. But I had to stay.

I slipped into the bathroom and dried myself off as quickly and as decently as possible before I made my way to the opulent dining room. I can’t say much about the place, except for the putrid smell of lavender-flavored perfume that mixed somewhat horribly with the decadent essence of the food that entered the dining hall.

“Is it you?” I felt a chill down my spine and turned around, slightly shaking.

He fit the description perfectly. Well-dressed, tall and slightly muscular, with wavy brown hair and bright green eyes, a scar on his left cheek and another on his neck. I would later learn that he had gotten those wounds from a surfing accident while in Hawaii.


He led, and I followed. The table was right in the middle. I felt my cheeks turn scarlet as I sat, and hundreds of pairs of eyes stared at the moist girl in the green dress and her well-dressed companion. I could still hear the sheets of rain that fell that afternoon.

“Tell me about yourself.”

“Haven’t I told you enough?”

He laughed, flashing a smile. “The letters were fascinating.”

“But have they not told you enough?”


It was an honest and straight answer. I could tell he was serious. I cleared my throat, drinking in the sparkling water before I spoke. “I love to write, I love to eat, and I’ve never been out of the country my whole life.”

His small eyes widened. “Funny.”

I didn’t know whether to feel insulted or slightly flattered at his words, even though it seemed like his actions spoke louder.

I felt a smile form on my face. “I suppose you have, then.” He nodded.

I gracefully took the champagne glass and drank from the wine that had been poured.

“Indulge me.”

Corona of Thorns?

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much of a chance to tune into the ongoing impeachment proceedings of CJ Renato Corona, though I did get a chance to read thoroughly yesterday’s edition of Philippine STAR that featured the trials prominently. I’m really hoping that this will be for the benefit of the country. If this historical trial ends up flushing us further down the toilet I will definitely be ashamed of our legislators for making all this fuss and wasting all this time for nothing.

On the other hand, if these allegations against Corona turn out to be true and proven with legitimate evidence, then I’ll be very proud of our legislators for having done their job properly for once. Yet considering our country’s current track record, I’m sorry to say that I have very big doubts regarding the outcome and the general purpose of this whole trial in the first place. Let’s just hope that I’m proven wrong and that things are done correctly, fairly and systematically for the benefit of the Filipino people.


I wrote about a dream and saw it.

The smoke led me to the unanswered hopes.

The fume to the unfulfilled dreams.

Sun-kissed, ice-less wintermelon.

Savored in the shelter of a sarong,

Bathed in a kiss of sweat.


On Love

I’m sure that every one of us has answered this proverbial question at least once in our lives: ‘what is love?’. Is love really like in the movies? Is love really all about the romantic first kisses? The long walks by the beach and the romantic proposals? Is love really about all the happily-ever afters? Is that really love?

I admit that I’m a very big fan of chic flicks. I really enjoy watching all those films about the fun, fearless girl who seemingly finds her dream guy while living a dream life in a Manhattan penthouse. In fact, one of my favorite movie characters is Andie Andersen from How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, a Columbia journalism graduate who works for one of the biggest lifestyle magazines in New York City in the film. It’s thanks to movie characters like Andie that girls like me have found ideals: fictional role models that allow us to dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams.

But then, it is not the female heroine or the male lead that we’re talking about here. It is the story.  Movies have this very bad habit of portraying exaggerated plots when it comes to love. Majority of the movies that are successful are the types of films that exaggerate relationships and happy endings, and unfortunately because of twisted ideals like this people (particularly girls) end up perceiving love the way they see it in films. They end up living their lives with these ideals as their basis and most of them become unlucky in love because of their beliefs. But then, why blame movies for our love woes if we clearly have this choice to live life and find love, true, unblemished, untarnished love, without the help of some fictional date doctor’s advice (sorry, Hitch) :D.?

Having grown up watching a lot of these films, I have to say early on I fell for all the stuff I saw in films. I believed everything. I had this bad habit of perceiving that every friendship I would ever have with a guy would end up as a potential relationship. I hoped and dreamed for the ‘fate’ moments that would come at the most unlikely times, and I hoped still… even when they didn’t come. Sure, there were times I felt my heart break, but then the heartbroken girl always found someone in movies, didn’t she? So I hoped, and hoped, and hoped… to no frutition. I despised love.

It was only when I grew up did I realize just how wrong movies were. Love doesn’t happen in a matter of a few weeks or a few months. Sometimes love can take years. Also, love doesn’t always come as soon as we expect it to. We grow up with this perception that the same guy we go to with prom will end up being the father to our children, when we’re wrong. Some of us eventually end up marrying the one we grew up hating, or the chubby best friend we never saw in a different light. That’s the beauty of life, and of love. Everything is so unpredictable it makes us crazy… but then, it makes us excited, too.

So, the question is: what is love? Here’s what I think.

Love Is Blind. No matter how proverbial or how cliche, this is a phrase that rings true. When we’re infatuated with someone, we can’t help but be blind to the other things around us. We see only him/her, and nothing else.

Love Is Never Having To Say You’re Sorry. WRONG. If you truly love someone, what wrong is there in apologizing at the moments when an apology is merited?

Love Is Peripheral Vision without Blinds. It’s seeing the one you love but never forgetting that there are other people that are important in your life. They may not share prominence in your life, but never forget to remember the other people in your life.

Love Is Knowing That The Truth Hurts. Never lie to someone you love, because there will come that time when that lie may end up hurting them in the end.

Love Is Giving More Than Material Gifts. Real love is about being there when the one you love needs you the most. Material presents may be temporary peace offerings, but the best gift when times are rough is a loving kiss and a sweet hug. 🙂

Love Is All You Need.  Because even if you have everything you want in the world, it’s nothing without someone to share it with.

Love Is Not Needing A Calendar For The Important Days. Why keep a calendar on your desk or on your phone? True love is about knowing birthdays and anniversaries by heart, and never failing to be the first person to greet him/her on Facebook once the clock strikes twelve.