3 Things I’ll Be Doing This 2012 a.k.a. Resolutions :P

As I’ve said earlier, I’ve totally given up on the idea of resolutions, considering I’m hardly the person who ever fulfills things like resolutions. But here I am, writing a blog on things I might just consider keeping in mind this year. A.K.A. resolutions. For the record I hardly believe I’ll keep these, but then there’s no harm no foul in putting these in writing for future reference.

1. Instead of LOSE WEIGHT, continue doing healthful habits that have clearly been forgotten in the midst of s.s.o.s.l=> stupefying stress of school life. One of those involves using the stairs every morning and eating lunch downstairs in the canteen instead of the fifth floor.

2. Instead of BE AN EMOTIONAL WRECK, keep my emotions in check, monthly visitor aside, and make sure to deal with everyday happenings in rational, smart and logical ways. Also, never forget to voice out one’s opinion when one feels the need to do so.

3. Instead of BE A BUM, keep my drive up and make sure to always remember to work towards my hopes and dreams and not to give up.

Part 2 (?) nah.. I did say I wasn’t a fan of resolutions. 😉


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