(Half Of) The Year in Review :) (reposted)

1. American Idol=Country Idol 2011 :>??

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read if you don’t want to know the top two of this season’s American Idol. If you do, well, it’s ‘Baby lock them doors’ Scotty McCreery and Lauren ‘country singer’ Alaina, two contestants that have pretty much established exactly what genre of music we’ll be hearing from them once they’re out of Idol. On the other hand, if you were a fan of Haley (a.k.a. Janis Joplin/Stevie Nicks etc etc), then it probably sucks for you. Why wouldn’t it? Reinhart was practically a shoe-in for the bottom three before she made a surprising turnaround that began with ‘Benny and the Jets’. In a season where it seemed like America really couldn’t distinguish what talent was (umm, Pia.. James..?) I guess many think this season’s final two is well, crappy and boring, and well… sucky.

What many older Idol viewers don’t see is the age. I’d like to reiterate that Scotty and Lauren are the youngest final two in Idol history, and both of them are below 18 (minors). Last season we had contestants almost in their thirties. Scotty and Lauren are 16 and 17 (not respectively, I dunno which is which, hehehe..) but this to me, is two things; a.) a victory for teens everywhere b.) it shows the popularity of the teen vote, which most people don’t seem to care much about. The fact that these two managed to charm the american vote (music genres aside) and get this far, beating out other, much older (and more talented) contestants may make it look like Idol is a popularity contest (it is) and well, they give us hope that musical fame knows no age. Girls and boys alike that have innate talent yet are too shy to show their talent are given inspiration to pursue their dreams because of what they’ve seen Lauren and Scotty do.

Despite that, though… Idol is flailing and they know it. The judges are really good, but they know that they’ve been giving too much praise and too little real critique. It’s like they switched Simon with two very cool Paula Abduls. Lucky for them they are as cool as they are (who could go wrong with J.Lo and Mr. Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler himself)? To tell you the truth I think 10 is Idol’s last season, unless.. they give real critique which people can actually well.. understand, right, or agree with, instead of over-praising people who may deserve it but don’t always need it. I’ll pray next season will be a hundred times better.

Let’s watch the finale, though and if it’s boring then switch the channel. It’s your choice, anyways. 😉


2. Arrrrr-H Bill: Pakyaaaooo:o

If you’ve watched the news recently, you probably know by now that Manny Pacquiao is against the RH bill. Okay, okay.. the dude has the right to his opinion, but you just can’t help realizing just how old he sounds when he gives reasons for his opposition of the bill, sort of like Pablo Garcia [who trended on Twitter. ahahahaa]. I guess that’s why Miriam D. told him to stay out of it, considering he isn’t involved with the debate on the RH bill. Hehehe.. there’s also stuff coming out about how Jinkee took contraceptives and how they fought on it. Hypocrisy, much? Poor Jinkee.



Joke, I’m not THAT important. :D. My personal opinion on the RH BILL.

I’m sort of for it. 🙂

[Oh, you gonna call me antireligious now? LOLOLO.]


I’m not, because I have a valid reason.


THIS IS WHAT RELIGIOUS PEOPLE/RH OPPOSERS ARE SAYING:  We play God when we allow contraception. We can control having children and all that stuff, and we pretty much forsake The Man Upstairs if we let the RH bill be passed.


I SAY: First things first, we may be the biggest Asian and Catholic country in the world, but considering how we are plagued by poverty and corruption I don’t get how we can still proudly hold that banner up in the air like we actually deserve it. On the other hand, it is unfair for religious folk to think that people will forsake their spirituality if such is allowed. C’mon! Religion is powerful in this country.

The church does have a point though, when they say that people will have more sex if contraceptives are allowed. THEY’RE RIGHT TO SAY THAT. But I highly doubt we’re as horny as other races. :). They should give us some slack. If they don’t want oversex to happen in our country why don’t they mandate that these drugs be prescribed instead of freely sold? Besides, aren’t condoms supposed to HELP stop the spread of diseases?


But what can I do? If I express my thoughts directly to the church they’ll excommunicate me.. besides, I respect God too much to go all mature on a religious topic like this. Read: I go to a Catholic school and therefore have morals that were taught to me by my religion. 🙂


3. DSK. 🙂 

I’m not much of a business news junkie, so you won’t expect me to really know who the hell Dominique Strauss-Kahn is until the news of his attempted rape on a hotel chambermaid.

Anyway, for those who are like me: Dominique Strauss Kahn is the president of the IMF (International Monetary Fund). It’s this big business company (yah-duh) that handles debt crisis and stuff for countries, and considering that DSK must be pretty rich.

And then, he gets embroiled in a scandal like this.

I don’t really know much (I’m going to read more) but from what I know he attempted to rape a maid in Sofitel where he was staying, the girl reports it, he’s arrested, and SCANDAL ENSUES. Sheesh Kebab. Recent news says he’s resigned from IMF and is currently quite ashamed. Poor guy.. some say he was framed. What do you think? 🙂

On to another ‘playboy’ type….


UPDATE: DSK has just won bail and will leave jail to focus on finding a replacement to succeed him after he resigned as president of the International Monetary Fund. BOO-HOO?



Another Hollywood marriage that falls flat on it’s face, just when we all thought they would last forever (unlike other Holly-hood marriages), the terminator (a.k.a. ) Ah-nold Schwarzenegger and his wife veteran journalist/author/etc etc Maria Shriver (she’s a Kennedy) separated after 25 years of marriage, after Maria found out (almost a decade later) that the terminator had fathered a child with a member of their household.

SOAP OPERA PLOT? Naah.. it’s real life.

Their divorce hasn’t been finalized yet (I don’t even know if there will be one) but it’s only now that quite a few reports have emerged about Mr. Terminator (sorry, can’t spell his name correctly) is quite the playboy. Women have come out now (and then) accusing him of groping and sexual assault stuff, most of them emerging whilst he ran for governor of California (dunno when?). News reports have also revealed the identity of Ah-nold’s baby mother (google it for yourself) with TMZ posting very exclusive pics from the past of the both of them (check tmz.com out).

All I can say about this is: poor Maria and kids! I don’t think any of us can imagine how they feel. It’s hard enough to have a good, long-lasting marriage in Hollywood, and then this happens. Shame… Maria is right in being strong for her kids, who (despite being old enough to process the situation) deserve the comfort and guidance of their dear mom. The Schwarzeneggers have four kids (Katherine, 21, Christina, 19, Patrick, 17 [

But despite all that, I think we should let them be. It’s hard enough that the world is sounding in on this issue, when it should be a private thing that they should settle by themselves. Let’s just wish them (Maria and her kids) all the very best in their difficult time. 🙂


5. 5/21=DOOMSDAY. 

First question: why’d you tell us now lang? :P. Or maybe most of us haven’t been reading the Bible well enough to decrypt what’s been encrypted into the holy book of our religion. According to (I-don’t-know-who) May 21 is said to be doomsday or judgment day (are they the same)? My sister told me only now, so if you mind filling me in it’d be nice. hehehe:).

Initial opinion: umm.. crazy. Makes us wonder if we should believe the Mayans or the Bible? I’d say God but I highly doubt God is the last-minute type… CONCLUSION: hoax! hoho:P God will tell us when it happens, not just people on earth. It’s like the RH bill thing all over again, but in an entirely different context.



Two Pinoy kids were recently invited to talk to the UN regarding their personal contribution to disaster risk management and the avoidance of disasters. Yeay for them! 🙂 Tricia Plenos and Andre Soon are both from the Camotes Islands in Cebu, and their town won the  Sasakawa Award for Disaster Risk Reduction in Geneva, which is a very, very good achievement, umm.. considering Ondoy and everything else that happened.

I hope we can emulate what these kids and their hometown have done so that we can be prepped for things like tsunamis and typhoons (considering it’s raining right now) :D. Good for us, yeay!


7. Aww, YAO! 

Yao Ming’s still healing. Apparently his future in the NBA is uncertain after what happened to his ankle. It’s hard for me to believe that barely a few years ago this guy had a movie made in his honor after he came to America, blazing a trail for many basketball players to make their way into the big leagues (NBA). It also makes me remember the Houston Rockets and how I used to be a big fan of him and T-Mac (my favorite player after Carlos Boozer, hehehehe..)

Let’s face it: I know nothing about basketball! =)). Let’s all wish him the very best. 🙂


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