My Bucket List (reposted from Facebook)

Again, things like this are done for the purpose of future reference.

1.) Win in CPMA for One Act Play, Full Length Play or Poetry

2.) Write a New York Times Bestseller twice in one year

3.) Work for Rolling Stone as a regular columnist and write some interesting cover stories

4.) Get nominated for an Oscar for Best Original/Adapted Screenplay

5.) Win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay

6.) Get nominated for a Tony Award for Best Book (or whatever they call it)

7.) Win a Tony Award for Best Book

8.) Write five plays that will appear on Broadway

9.) Write an original screenplay

10.) Live in Dakota Apartments

11.) Visit the Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central Park

12.) Meet Yoko Ono/Sean Lennon

13.) Spend a day with Paul McCartney

14.) Meet Mick Jagger and learn some mooves!! ^^

15.) Work for Food Magazine as a food reviewer

16.) Get to do Peter Travers’ job in Rolling Stone

17.) Visit Menlove Avenue

18.) Visit and walk Abbey Road

19.) Write a book series

20.) Visit Graceland

21.) Have a house in England somewhere

22.) Meet the Queen!

23.) Have children (LOL)

24.) Go to the Oscars

25.) Stay in the White House for a week

26.) Meet and chat with Bruno Mars

27.) Meet and chat with Beyonce

28.) Briefly work as a songwriter for a major record label

29.) Live in a manor in Italy

30.) Go on a European tour: France, London, Italy, Germany, the works.

31.) Buy a house in Paris

32.) Visit the Eiffel Tower

33.) Eat French Fries in France

34.) Write a sensible romance novel

35.) Date a French guy

36.) Be fluent in French, Italian and Spanish

37.) Spend a summer in Paris writing a sensible romance novel

38.) Experience New Years’ Eve in Times Square, Sydney, London and Russia

39.) Own all the Apple products

40.) Find Mr. Right


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