Review: 4 songs from Beyonce’s ‘4’

Due to limited time and a tiny serving of laziness, the newest songs on my mp3 player happen to all be from one album:4 and one artist: Beyonce. Since I’ve replayed these songs more than ten times already I figured I’d put my skills to practice as I review 4 songs from Beyonce’s latest album ‘4’


‘Best Thing I Never Had’


In a way, this is comparable to B-Day’s ‘Irreplacable’ and if one were to put the two songs side-by-side, they are very much similar. Yet ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ wins hands-down when the two are rated based on the maturity of the track’s lyrics. It is also a good thing, as we see Beyonce truly come into her own as an artist. ‘Irreplacable’ sings of a broken-hearted girl angrily kicking her boyfriend out and reminding him of her ‘abilities’. On the other hand, ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ is about the woman who’s ready to move on from a love she cleverly evades, making sure to protect her fragile heart. Now that’s a woman.


‘Love On Top’


Beyonce made a great move of killing off her stage alter ego when she did ‘4’, as evidenced in the upbeat yet classy single: ‘Love On Top’. The video plays off Jackson 5 era dance moves and sleek costuming, but it is the song’s classy tempo that gives the listener a very unique experience:he/she seems to be hearing Beyonce live through the track, which is exactly what B aimed for when making the record, which was to give her audience more off the brassiness her voice has live, something unheard by audiences who only listen to her albums. As someone who has yet to have the privilege of seeing Beyonce live ‘Love On Top’ and its accompanying video were a definite treat that made me love her and her music more. One could just imagine how all over the place a song like this would’ve gotten had Sasha Fierce taken the reigns on this one.





B does away with booty shaking and provocative fashion the video for ‘Countdown’, a song in itself which is beautiful proof of just how serious Miss Knowles is with renewing her image both as a singer and an artist in general. Instead of going for straight up love lines Beyonce uses ‘counting down’ from 10-1 in professing her love. This is punctuated by a blinding range of fusion beats from different genres that has Beyonce’s staccato voice playing center stage. All in all, great song, great video, and great signs of progress on the part of B in becoming a longtime artist. The clever tributes to the 60’s and use of choreography that’s not at all ’bout the booty make for a classy video with just the right amount of sexy. ‘Countdown’ gives off a similar vibe to ‘Love On Top’ as we, the listeners are thrust into the concert hall, watching 4 Intimate Nights with Beyonce live in the front seats. 🙂



‘Run The World (Girls)’


Most of us were probably thinking: ‘what was she thinking?’ when Beyonce released her first single to ‘4’, which was more than a complete departure from her previous work as Sasha Fierce. It is an aggressive display of feminism punctuated by hypnotic African beats and a staccato style track that is worth every LSS replay on your IPod, something the song is just screaming for. The video takes inspiration from Mad Max, but Beyonce’s tough chick fashion does not seem to suffer because of her saturated desert setup. In terms of fashion B has left Sasha’s black leotards in 2010 and is clearly up to change up for her next role: as herself.


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