Crying in the shadows

These were the first actual lyrics that I wrote when I was younger. After this, I found myself enamored by songwriting and decided to take the craft a bit seriously. Unfortunately, inspiration lyric wise has never really hit me quite like this.

Crying In the Shadows     ( by CherviYu)


Completing my life isn’t,

One of the biggest things,

That I ever felt like fufilling,

Cause I’m even spotted,

not even talked about,

you never blab about me,

cause I’m feelin’ just so down,

completely crying here,

falling down to the floor,

burying my sorrows, right to my knees,

feeling so extreme.




Cause I’m crying in the shadows,

never clearly seen,

not so that so pretty,

cause I’m falling in the shadows,

already lying down, thinkin’ nothing will ever happen again.

Crying, cryin’ crying in the shadows, feeling so unpretty.


( Repeat Chorus)

(Last Verse as: Crying 2x in the shadows, being so unhappy)



And if you ever cry,

don’t go running to me,

and if you feel angry,

so angry at the world,

don’t go sulkin’ back at  me.


( repeat chorus)

( Final Verse: crying 2x in the shadows, feeling like I’m dead)



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