What Happens Long After Happily Ever After?

Movies have done a really good job most especially when it comes to toying with the emotions of their viewers. They manage to paint that picture that everyone, even the most oddball of people, end up finding their ideal soulmate in the world and settling down. It always happens in movies, most especially in those films where it seems like they all end up happy with someone in the end. Those are two things that some people just aren’t that lucky to have in real life. Most people don’t get to be happy and be with someone. Someone that they love… someone that they’ll truly cherish, even beyond song lyrics and mere gifts. Someone that they will spend the rest of their lives with, without question.

But then, I never said ‘love’ doesn’t exist in real life, because it does. More often than not people do find someone to spend the rest of their lives with, someone to have and to hold, ’till death do us part…. that last part is a whole other story, though. Celebrity marriages have given a general impression that love doesn’t really mean much in the world anymore. But the thing is, when it comes to celebrities, marriages are mere financial investments to them, and considering the amount of money that they manage to make will a few thousand dollars really even matter? No. Unfortunately not everyone is that rich or that good-looking to take the time and effort to marry another person. Most people end up taking money from their life savings just to invest in a wedding, and for them it becomes more than just an investment, because marriage in general is more than something financial. It’s meant to be a deep, emotional, religious bond that is shared between who people who feel as though they are meant to be for each other, eternally.

Yet one is led to wonder what happens to those people who manage to outlast early divorce and the Ten Year Itch? Are they really on their way to long term marriages, like those chic flicks show girls of old couples who are married for 50 or so years? Is that really where they’re headed?

My answer is a big, fat: NO.


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