Why Love Doesn’t Always Last

I used to think I had seen true love before my eyes, like I had been given a rare opportunity to have a glimpse of the meaning behind those kisses and hugs and all that. But now, I honestly don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’ve come to realize, at this late age, the reality of life and how chic flick romances never really end up as long term relationships. I’ve also come to realize that sometimes time has a way of eating up the things that make young love what it is.

Basically, this is it.

Love is like a flower. It starts out as something small and pretty, a bud. And just as simple affection grows into puppy love, and eventually, a relationship, a flower reveals itself and blooms into something so beautiful, yet so delicate. Unfortunately time does not treat the flower with the same affection, and neither does it for relationships (sometimes). Once it has reached its full bloom, it can no longer grow. It stays that way, seemingly perfect, seemingly put together… yet broken inside. Time turns love into hate, turns affection into admonition, and turns the feeling of blushing upon a sweet kiss into a feeling of rage.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why love doesn’t always last. (In my opinion).


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