On Life and Expectations

No matter how hard we try not to talk about it, or how hard we try to hide it, we know fully well that life is all about expectations. From the moment we are born expectations have been placed on us, expectations from our parents, from our relatives… from the people around us. Everyone expects something from us, and we spend most of our lives trying to fulfill those expectations. Some of us work hard to even exceed those expectations, and there’s comes a point when we become successful in exceeding those expectations.

But what happens when we find it hard to even fulfill the expectations that have been put on us from the moment of our birth? What happens when we end up falling below these expectations? Do we end up unsuccessful, loathed by all and pretty much… a failure? A mediocre individual? An eyesore of society?  It would really depend on us, or on the people who expect things from us. Those people can choose to see us for the expectations that we’ve fallen beneath, or they can choose to see beyond those expectations and continually believe in us and in our capabilities. Many of us are lucky to have people like that in our lives, people who believe in us because they know what we can do if we work hard enough. But what about the people who see us for the expectations we’ve fallen beneath? People who look down on us because of the things we haven’t achieved? Well, in the end it’s up to us to forget those people’s expectations and become successful for ourselves.

Yet in the end living up to life’s expectations is all up to us. Even when people look down on us or continue to believe in us, living our life is solely our responsibility, and when it does come to a point when we choose to forego that responsibility, well that’s up to us.



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