My Travel Bucket List a.k.a. 10 Places To Visit Before I Die (Part 1)

For someone who’s never been out of the country, a list like this won’t be easy to actually fulfill. But that doesn’t mean I’m about to give up and spend the rest of my life cooped up in Manila, Philippines up until my death. So here’s my travel bucket list, inspired by 1001 Places To Visit Before You Die, and a recent conversation I had with a friend of mine who enjoys traveling. 🙂

1. New York City 

People have said that the American Dream has died, as it seems America has lost that charm ever since the recession and other things have happened in the USA. But there’s still one place that will never lose its charm: in my eyes, that is, and that’s The Big Apple. New York City is the home of many iconic places: The Statue of Liberty, Bryant Park, Times Square, Broadway, and it’s a place many people would want to visit in their lifetime. I’m one of those people. I’ve seen enough photos and watched enough movies to know what New York looks like, but there’s a big difference between looking at a photo or watching a movie, and having that experience of actually walking in the streets of New York City, eating a hotdog or watching world-class performers on Broadway. And that’s why I wanna visit New York and eventually live there for a period of my life.

New York also happens to be the common setting for most chic flicks that feature fun, fearless females who work as journalists for major magazines. Four words: My Dream Come True!! ^^

P.S. Central Park, Dakota Homes, and the Strawberry Fields Memorial. What I would give to spend even just one rainy afternoon there?

2.  Paris, France 

I’ve grown up with a love for food, and Paris is the place to be when it comes to savoring truly great eats presented to you with the highest standard of service. But France is not just known for its food. Who can forget the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, or Champs-Elysses? Paris also happens to be a place of culture, of fashion (Louis Vuitton) and of elegance. A lot of items on my bucket list are very much related to Paris. I’d love to spend a summer in Paris, writing a sensible romance novel inspired by J’Taime or C’est la vie. That would be an amazing experience. I’d love to walk in the streets one winter and just admire the beauty of an iconic structure (The Eiffel Tower). Oh, what I would give to wake up in the comfort of silk sheets and coq au vin? Heaven.

To spend even a single day, probably in the Louvre admiring Da Vinci’s masterpiece and trying my best to decipher Mona’s true gender…. Amore! 🙂

3. Venice and Naples, Italy 

I read once that you can only find certified authentic pizza in Naples, Italy, and that’s why I’m going. In my lifetime, I’ve tasted Pizza Hut, Yellow Cab and S&R pizza, but nothing beats something truly authentic, and truly Italian. But then, that’s not the only thing Italy has to offer. I’d love to visit Verona and write a letter to Juliet about my love woes (that would depend, though, on my relationship status then.. hahaha!) I’d love to walk on cobblestone streets and eat geniune gelato on park chairs I would probably purchase in Sims: Hot Date. But most of all, I’d love to end the day in a room with genuine silk sheets and best of all, a hotel room that overlooks the canals.

4. Liverpool, England

We have the Brits to thank for so many wonderful and worldly contributions in several aspects of modern popular culture. There’s Harry Potter, Stewey, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Kate Middleton, Love Actually, Posh and Becks and so much more. But that’s not the main reason why I want to visit GB. Sure, I’ll see the Buckingham Palace and all those places, but I’d rather visit one place that will forever be close to my heart, even if I haven’t been there yet. :))

Ever since I introduced myself :)) to the music of the Beatles, I have forever found myself continually inspired by John Lennon. He may not have been the most perfect Beatle, but clearly he has been the most inspirational and the most memorable (Paul aside). That’s exactly why I want to visit Liverpool and see all the landmarks that were made popular by the music of the Beatles. There’s Menlove Avenue, Strawberry Fields… I’m hoping that if I can’t get enough inspiration from my own hometown, I might get a whole lotta inspiration from the place where these four people grew up.

5. Shanghai, China

Despite the current state of my Chinese scores (brought about by pure laziness, mind you) I am still very much proud of my Chinese heritage. I feel that it is a part of me that I am very proud of. Considering China’s current standing in the economic and cultural world, I sure wouldn’t mind visiting my homeland, and seeing the sights and sounds that I’ve only read in books or studied in LiShr class.

I would love to spend a chilly afternoon in the Great Wall, and retire to a hotel in the evening where I would sample genuine Chinese cuisine for the first time in my life. Now wouldn’t that be an experience? It would also be a trip that consisted of days spent visiting the landmarks I had only studied. It would be here where almost a decade of Chinese studies would actually begin to make perfect sense to me. It would be here that it would all come full circle.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I would like to visit China.


Stay blogged in for Part 2!!! 🙂


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