Unlikely Reality

Life is hard to judge.

Sometimes, we think we have it all. Sometimes, we wake up feeling like we’re so lucky, like we’re so blessed that even if we don’t have the best things in life, at least we have a life.

Other people don’t even live to be seventeen considering the circumstances they have to live through. Things like poverty and malnutrition affect so much children all over the world that they end up dying even before they have the chance to go to school. That’s why we should be thankful for what we have.

But then what happens when everything begins to fall apart? What happens when our seemingly perfect life begins to become a life almost similar to the lives of those less fortunate people around us (in an emotional sense). Are we lucky when we see marriages fall apart in front of us? Are we lucky when we see the dark side of people come alive when we least expect it?

Of course not.

But then there comes a point when some of us are forced to face that reality. We are forced to live through it, and believe that its a reality we deserve, because we began our lives fortunate and happy. But the question is: do we really deserve it?



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