My Travel Bucket List a.k.a. 10 Places I’d Like To Visit Before I Die (Part 2)

Here’s the sequel to my travel bucket list! 🙂

6. Sydney, Australia

G’Day, Mate! Who doesn’t love this good old country and the Sydney Opera House? I would definitely give a lot just to get a glimpse of this country, meet its fun and friendly people and most of all… SAMPLE ITS FOOD. #takaw

7. Pyongyang, North Korea

I remember watching a series of documentaries on NGC that featured NK after the death of their Dear Leader Kim Jong Il. It was one of those eye-openers that made me realize just how lucky I am to live freely, despite rampant corruption and crime in our country. I was vividly reminded of the book which we had read for our book report in English class: 1984. It was like seeing Oceania come to life in such a disturbingly real way. The only thing that really differentiated Oceania and NK was the fact that they would allow tourists in their country.

I would like to be one of those tourists. Those documentaries got me thinking… how is it that the land of Kimchi is like this? Or does Kimchi just come from South Korea? Hihihi. I don’t know. I’d just really like to travel to NK and really get that chance to explore the world’s most reclusive country. <—– is it?

8. Tokyo, Japan 

I’m not very familiar with anime, cosplay or the Japanese language, but I would definitely want that chance to visit the ‘land of sushi’: Tokyo, Japan. Japan is known for so much, and considering the influence of this country has definitely made its way to the Philippines, I would give a lot to spend an afternoon and eventually a night eating authentic sushi at authentic sushi bars and taking colorful photos of Japanese cosplayers.

9. Hongkong 

I hate to say this, but this country’s a bit of a relative umm.. disappointment for me. Maybe it’s because of the innumerable times people in my family used to tell me we would go there when I was younger and it never really materialized. To tell you the truth, this is the last on my list, despite the positive things I’ve heard about HK. But then, who’s to say I won’t give up that chance to go to Disneyland or to shop high street for low budget? I’d definitely, definitely, definitely like to give it a try. 🙂

10. Barcelona, Spain 

A few years ago, by shear impulse… I picked up a book from the artists’ collection that belonged to my grandparents and read it from cover to cover. It turned out to be the life and work story of Pablo Picasso, an amazing revolutionary in the art world. I guess that’s one of the main reasons I do want to visit Spain, to get that opportunity to see Picasso’s original works in whatever gallery they are in. The man was a fascinating individual.

Now who could forget food? And to tell you the truth, I can sum that up in a single word: PAELLA. Authentic, rustic Paella with all the tasteful trimmings. Hmm.. what else? Churros? hahaha… I don’t know! Why else would I want to come to Spain? ❤  I could probably put the Spanish I sorta learned in Google Translate to use while I’m there! Buenos Dias Mi Amigos y Amigas!! Muy Bieeen! 🙂

And that, ladies and gentlemen, sums up my travel bucket list. I decided to go for ‘bucket list’ because I’ll definitely not be going to any of these places anytime soon, hehe. Unless I perform some miracles, make things happen and become magical! *If that’s even possible*

Meanwhile, I’d like to work on some musicals, write a few songs and play around with life. Nah, I’m kidding. Homework!


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