Some Hearts :)

Since V-Day is less than a day away, here’s a preview to my very special V-Day entry (which will, of course, appear on V-Day). This is a repost from my Facebook profile, and I wrote this for Valentine’s of last year. I hope you like it! ^^

Well, did you really think I’d let Valentine’s Day slip by without writing a very, very sweet note for all y’all lovers out there?:)

Of course not!

This is for all the people who’ve always been there, for all those people I’ve known, all those I’ve met, and all those I’ve loved; and of course, it’s simply for everyone.

Listen up!

If you’re single on this ‘couples day’: smile. spend it with those whom have been there to dry your tears when s@its happened in your life. Remember, you don’t need a lover to be loved. You just need love, that’s all.

If you’re in a relationship: make it extra special. Don’t forget to remind your special someone just how much they mean to you. There’s a reason you two are together, and well, February 14 is a day to rekindle that. Keep your love alive! *Mwaah!*

Anyways, I’m dedicating this ‘poem of love’ to everyone who made this year extra special. *mwaah!*

To dearest friends, sweetest family, and of course.. to my own special someone. (I’d rather not say). 😉

Here goes!


P.S. A story to follow! :X)


Some Hearts


So I woke up on a Monday,

And I remembered you,

All those awkward moments,

I know they’ve been true.


I knew you once before,

And I now I knew you again,

But during all those times we met,

I knew we’d never be more than friends.


Some hearts, they say, don’t ever come…

Together, as they do,

Though one day, some day,

They’ll find love in someone new.


So I sighed and sat up tall,

And now, I don’t really care at all,

For love’s past me by,

And I’d rather not say why,

Nor cry.


So I guess I don’t really care,

If flowers don’t come by my door,

I don’t really want to cry,

I’ve never done that before.


‘Coz those some hearts, they don’t find,

Love at their front door,

I guess that’s life,

But love does come…

You’ve just got to wait some more. :X



Just some verses I wrote which were inspired by reading Long Walk To Forever by Kurt Vonnegut. It’s a simple yet extremely beautiful love story, which I might like to add is an ideal read this month. ❤ 



In the rain, you I saw,

Your tears falling down,

Inside I remembered you, wearing my heart’s crown.

Yet gold flashed and then I felt my heart fall apart,

Because I knew you loved him first, right from the very start. 



Wishing that I’d seen you,

In the light that you see me,

Wishing that I’d loved you,

Just as you’d loved me.



We had all those memories,

And now he has your heart,

Sometimes I wonder,

What I was thinking at the start.



You could’ve been mine,

Only mine, but then he came, you know,

Now these horrid feelings of mine,

I can hardly show. 



I’m sorry I keep regressing in my posts! I have this bad habit of forgetting and moving on to new stuff here in WordPress! Anyways, I noticed that I had promised in one of my previous entries to finally post one of my new plot ideas. Well, here it is!

Beast tells the story of a young woman by the name of Gianna Sorrel. She decides to escape her seemingly perfect life as a Sorrel, the most prominent family in Seinogh, when she is forced to agree to an arranged marriage with the prince of the republic of Tuscapali,  a man almost twice her age: Adolf Eschalint Levgoth. On the night of her wedding, she escapes the confines of the Du Terraza and finds herself trapped in the home once known as the Sinclair House. There, she comes face-to-face with a person from her childhood whose present is nothing at all like his once colorful past.

She spends almost a month confined as a prisoner in the abandoned mansion, where she begins to find herself as she helps her childhood friend confront his past and the things that tore him apart both physically and emotionally.


I’m currently working on character biographies while I work on the draft.

I am Jean Aressi! hihi :>


The Lament of the Non-Traveler

Written at a time when I felt as though I would never, ever board a plane in this lifetime. Enjooy! 🙂


Yes, I’ve been to nowhere,

Nowhere, nowhere far,

The world is not my oyster,

For me, it’s a mere star.


I’ve not been on an airplane,

Forgive me, my friend,

For Money’s not been friend to me,

None, I have, in fact… really.


Though it does not hurt to dream,

For ’tis all that I do.

I dream of New York and LA,

London, Paris, Manila Bay,

And that, my friends,

Is all I can say.

Love Like A T-Shirt

A wise man once told me,

As I walked with him on the way to New York City..

“Girl, if you’ve met a man, and known him well… Then you must not love him.”

He noticed my surprise and smiled,

His teeth nearly gone. Scratching his temples, he added.

“If you’ve met a man, and known him well,

Make sure he loves you as a t-shirt will,

For a t-shirt stays together and seems to be one,

Even when the threads begin to unravel.

You see a picture of perfection,

Someone willing to keep it together, even when things begin to feel like they’re falling apart.

In truth a t-shirt never really does fall apart,

For the seams stay together,

even when a t-shirt stops looking like a t-shirt anymore.

Only force as strong as a Tempest’s rage can tear apart love as strong as a t-shirt,

For a man who does love you like a t-shirt,

Loves you with every part of his heart,

From you, he wishes never to be apart,

‘Till  the end, from the start,

Always his, your precious heart.”

With a smile the man led me to my place,

And I ran to share warmth with the one I loved,

Yet in my mind the sky turned gray, At him, I smiled,

and then, turned away.