I’m sorry I keep regressing in my posts! I have this bad habit of forgetting and moving on to new stuff here in WordPress! Anyways, I noticed that I had promised in one of my previous entries to finally post one of my new plot ideas. Well, here it is!

Beast tells the story of a young woman by the name of Gianna Sorrel. She decides to escape her seemingly perfect life as a Sorrel, the most prominent family in Seinogh, when she is forced to agree to an arranged marriage with the prince of the republic of Tuscapali,  a man almost twice her age: Adolf Eschalint Levgoth. On the night of her wedding, she escapes the confines of the Du Terraza and finds herself trapped in the home once known as the Sinclair House. There, she comes face-to-face with a person from her childhood whose present is nothing at all like his once colorful past.

She spends almost a month confined as a prisoner in the abandoned mansion, where she begins to find herself as she helps her childhood friend confront his past and the things that tore him apart both physically and emotionally.


I’m currently working on character biographies while I work on the draft.

I am Jean Aressi! hihi :>



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