Love Like A T-Shirt

A wise man once told me,

As I walked with him on the way to New York City..

“Girl, if you’ve met a man, and known him well… Then you must not love him.”

He noticed my surprise and smiled,

His teeth nearly gone. Scratching his temples, he added.

“If you’ve met a man, and known him well,

Make sure he loves you as a t-shirt will,

For a t-shirt stays together and seems to be one,

Even when the threads begin to unravel.

You see a picture of perfection,

Someone willing to keep it together, even when things begin to feel like they’re falling apart.

In truth a t-shirt never really does fall apart,

For the seams stay together,

even when a t-shirt stops looking like a t-shirt anymore.

Only force as strong as a Tempest’s rage can tear apart love as strong as a t-shirt,

For a man who does love you like a t-shirt,

Loves you with every part of his heart,

From you, he wishes never to be apart,

‘Till  the end, from the start,

Always his, your precious heart.”

With a smile the man led me to my place,

And I ran to share warmth with the one I loved,

Yet in my mind the sky turned gray, At him, I smiled,

and then, turned away.


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