Just some verses I wrote which were inspired by reading Long Walk To Forever by Kurt Vonnegut. It’s a simple yet extremely beautiful love story, which I might like to add is an ideal read this month. ❤ 



In the rain, you I saw,

Your tears falling down,

Inside I remembered you, wearing my heart’s crown.

Yet gold flashed and then I felt my heart fall apart,

Because I knew you loved him first, right from the very start. 



Wishing that I’d seen you,

In the light that you see me,

Wishing that I’d loved you,

Just as you’d loved me.



We had all those memories,

And now he has your heart,

Sometimes I wonder,

What I was thinking at the start.



You could’ve been mine,

Only mine, but then he came, you know,

Now these horrid feelings of mine,

I can hardly show. 



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