Some Hearts :)

Since V-Day is less than a day away, here’s a preview to my very special V-Day entry (which will, of course, appear on V-Day). This is a repost from my Facebook profile, and I wrote this for Valentine’s of last year. I hope you like it! ^^

Well, did you really think I’d let Valentine’s Day slip by without writing a very, very sweet note for all y’all lovers out there?:)

Of course not!

This is for all the people who’ve always been there, for all those people I’ve known, all those I’ve met, and all those I’ve loved; and of course, it’s simply for everyone.

Listen up!

If you’re single on this ‘couples day’: smile. spend it with those whom have been there to dry your tears when s@its happened in your life. Remember, you don’t need a lover to be loved. You just need love, that’s all.

If you’re in a relationship: make it extra special. Don’t forget to remind your special someone just how much they mean to you. There’s a reason you two are together, and well, February 14 is a day to rekindle that. Keep your love alive! *Mwaah!*

Anyways, I’m dedicating this ‘poem of love’ to everyone who made this year extra special. *mwaah!*

To dearest friends, sweetest family, and of course.. to my own special someone. (I’d rather not say). 😉

Here goes!


P.S. A story to follow! :X)


Some Hearts


So I woke up on a Monday,

And I remembered you,

All those awkward moments,

I know they’ve been true.


I knew you once before,

And I now I knew you again,

But during all those times we met,

I knew we’d never be more than friends.


Some hearts, they say, don’t ever come…

Together, as they do,

Though one day, some day,

They’ll find love in someone new.


So I sighed and sat up tall,

And now, I don’t really care at all,

For love’s past me by,

And I’d rather not say why,

Nor cry.


So I guess I don’t really care,

If flowers don’t come by my door,

I don’t really want to cry,

I’ve never done that before.


‘Coz those some hearts, they don’t find,

Love at their front door,

I guess that’s life,

But love does come…

You’ve just got to wait some more. :X


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