Answered Prayers :)

I headed to my second school today to confirm my slot, and even though I spent just a small amount of time there, there was something about walking around the Ateneo that made it already feel like home, even though I haven’t officially started college life just yet. You may wonder why: well…

  I remember that faithful morning of September 2011: ACET. I had just come from a retreat a few days ago, and I didn’t attend two days of school before the big test day. I did what every other student who had taken the ACET had done: woke up early, ate a heavy breakfast, and slept through an hour or so car ride to the Loyola Schools. I arrived at the grade school building just as the sun rose, and for the first time in my life I was happy to say I was early for something.

Fast-foward to AFTER the ACET.

I had never been much of a religious type, yet I took the opportunity. Stepping into the empty church of Gesu, I knelt on a pew and thanked God for this chance. I remember telling Him to show me a sign: would this be the path that I would cross? Would I become a Blue Eagle?

He answered… albeit slowly.

 I was lucky enough to pass all the entrance exams I took, even the dreaded UPCAT. But then: He showed me the way. The candles I had lit for every school day had bore fruit, in a figurative sense. The rest is history (I’m too lazy to elaborate, forgive me).

So, here I am now: on my way to becoming an Atenean.

I couldn’t be happier. Thank you God!


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