Boredom and Unproductivity (a.k.a. s.s.u=> summer status update!)

There are a lot of things that have made this summer, well.. .a bummer. Firstly, I am once more confined to the boundaries of home as I have been ‘obliged’ to take care of my sister and the house (simply because I am not working, nor studying in the summer…) GEE, THANKS A LOT! Secondly, as everyone else who graduated highschool last March heads to a nearby Smart/A1/Socialite or whatever driving school there is in Manila to study driving, I AM FOREVER DRIVER-Bound, and have yet to learn other means of transportation that will take me farther than MSA D. Tuazon or Speaker Perez. Yet, I guess I’m happy not to do that just yet.. I dunno… I guess independence is not yet on my radar. On the other hand, at least there’s something good coming out of my summer, as I’ve finally managed to commit to one of my summer resolutions: losing weight, as I head to the gym almost everyday to spend half an hour working out. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the little progress I’ve made. Besides that, I’m also halfway with enrolling in my university Ateneo, and excited is an understatement to describe how I feel about starting college life in less than two months.

Let’s hope by the end of May and when June approaches, I’ve managed to do just a little bit more than what I’ve been able to achieve so far. 🙂



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