Movie Review: The Avengers

A good movie is like a good meal. You come into the restaurant expecting something hearty and delectable, and you come out feeling satisfied, stuffed, and hungry for more. That’s exactly how I felt after watching the Avengers, a movie that is proving to be quite the box-office juggernaut.

The story revolves around an unlimited energy source called the Tesseract (seen in Thor, Captain America and Iron Man 2), that is stolen during the start of the film by the estranged brother of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Since the world is put in major danger, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) calls on five very different individuals: millionaire Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Norse god Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Doctor Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and Russian spy Natalia Romanoff (Scarlett Johansen) to stop Loki’s plans of world domination.

All-star ensemble casts aren’t always the ideal ingredients for a good movie (case in point Valentine’s Day), but in the case of the Avengers it makes for some tasteful comedy and memorable exchanges that add to the film’s swagger. Tony Stark’s exchanges with Captain America make for a comedic “father-son like” exchange that make us snigger, while Thor’s Old English way of speaking, while seeming completely out-of-place at first, ends up melding perfectly with the oddball cast. Downey Jr. makes much of the Avengers revolve around Iron Man’s quirks, but that doesn’t mean he outshines some key players in the film like Dr. Bruce Banner. Mark Ruffalo may have been a newcomer to the role, but he impressed many with his portrayal of Banner and the Hulk, earning a few fans in the process. Chris Evans may have played the womanizing Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films, but does a wonderful job of veering away from that persona as a man from the forties, complete with the ideals of that era. Chris Hemsworth uses his Aussie accent to aid in his portrayal of Odin’s son, but that doesn’t mean he’s got no sense of humor. ScarJo is sexy and super, and she rounds out the man-ly cast perfectly. Let’s not forget Oscar-nominated  Jeremy Renner, who brings to life master archer Hawkeye in a way that surprised us and made us think: what doesn’t Black Widow see in this guy?

Supporting characters are played to perfection by Colbie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson, who get their much-deserved screen time, without overshadowing the flick’s superstar cast. But many were in amused disbelief, seeing Robin from HIMYM in a superhero movie (the subject of a number of memes, I might add). Tom Hiddleston plays Loki to perfection: making up for some oddly diva-like behavior with some well-played scenes that he shares with Thor.

The good thing about the Avengers is that you won’t necessarily be clueless as heck if you don’t see the previous films in the franchise (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor). You’ll be too busy fascinated at seeing these characters under one roof you’ll seemingly force yourself to enjoy the story and think of nothing else. One thing people need to know about this film it’s that it’s not just an action flick, as we see these superheroes are more than superheroes: they’re super-geniuses. Understandable (yet, somewhat complicated) Physics-related dialogue is sprinkled out during a part of the film clearly reserved for die-hard fans (science whizzes, too). Yet that’s not the best part of the Avengers, as a twenty-minute, dialogue-free action sequence shows us just how epic this superheroes are when brought to the screen. Not to mention, the sprinkle of witty comedy in some action-related parts of the film.

Not many movies can leave you wanting for more as much as the Avengers did, and for that the movie’s praises are definitely well-deserved. I’m looking forward to the sequel as much as the next guy. What the film has managed to do is bring in a whole new market as well: girls. They may not always be looking forward to the story, but the casting of gorgeous actors (hello, Thor) has opened up the superhero film genre to a lot of female viewers (this doesn’t mean the ladies weren’t fans of this genre beforehand, mind you). That, is a good thing.

Watchability: *****

Re-watchability: *****

Rating: Any movie that makes you itch to watch four more movies in it’s stead and leave you wanting to watch said movie again is one kick-ass flick. I can’t wait for the DVD release!


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