Slices of Life 2012 a.k.a. Opinionated Boredom :)

Consider this the product of my immense boredom and the sudden boom of opinion-worthy news stories that have definitely sparked my interest. I implore you to enjoy, but I’m sure you will. 😉

1.Papparazzi gone wrong (Philippine edition)

=> As you may know, there’s this big issue going on now with Raymart Santiago, Claudine Barretto and Ramon ‘Mon’ Tulfo regarding an airport brawl after Mon refused to hand over his cellphone camera which contained not-so pretty photos of a pretty actress heckling a CebuPac flight attendant over missing luggage. Recent reports state that the couple and Mr. Tulfo, who is a senior citizen have filed charges against each other, investigations are ongoing and clearly they both have no intention of settling this cordially. 

Verdict: This incident reminds me of what Kanye West did a few years back when he assaulted a papparazzo who refused to hand over his camera, and to tell you the truth I found it pretty ‘funny’, considering that incidents like these are what people at TMZ make a living out of. Yet, jokes aside, there could have been better ways in which this incident was handled. 

 How did Raymart approach Mon? Unless he did it the same way that TMZ paps approach celebrities, or how paps in LA approach celebrities, then maybe he could have done this in a more… cordial way. But considering what Mon was taking pictures of (fuming bratita celebrity in airport), maybe he didn’t think of doing it in a more polite manner, and instead it pissed him off to see someone snapping photographs of his wife going berserk in a public place. (Damn, don’t these people know how to wear sunglasses if they know they’re so famous? GAAH.)

 The He Said She Said of it all. The next person at fault here: the friggin’ airlines that have broken CCTV cameras. Thanks to the lack of reliable video evidence, this pretty small sitch has turned ugly because of the contrasting stories of the parties. But since it’s all said and done (CCTV or no CCTV), it’s up to some proper, non-corrupt investigators to try to accurately piece this story together. 

Valid ‘fume-igation’. Claudine had every right to get mad at the airline attendant for losing their baggage, but maybe she should’ve thought twice before making a scene in public, knowing her status as a celebrity. But then, according to news reports, the bag contained the asthma medicine of her children, so it makes sense that she panicked.. but in the first place, shouldn’t something as important as asthma medication be something that she placed in her carry-on bag and not in luggage?? 

Pagbugbog kay Lolo. aka (You’re beating up an old guy). I did my research and found that Mon Tulfo is the oldest among the Tulfo brood, and already in his sixties. This is where I draw the line, and reiterate my previous statement about how Raymart should’ve approached Ramon regarding the photographs. Had he been a younger guy, the treatment of Ramon Tulfo would’ve made ‘sense’, but this guy is 65, and clearly Raymart and co. didn’t seem to give a damn when they beat him up. That makes them look bad: very, very bad. What they did is equivalent to a group of able-bodied thirtysomethings beating up a guy who’s pushing sixty, and no matter how you put that: it doesn’t look good AT ALL. 

Talk, talk, talk= no action. This situation could not have gone to blows had there not been any provocation (forgive me if that’s wrong) by either party, but since we don’t know for sure, I’d just like to say it’s sad to see that something like this ended up being handled the way that it was handled, because simple cordial conversation could have not resulted in a grisly airline brawl that may have caused some physical and emotional injury.

2. A Tweet gone Twat. 

Radio DJs Mo Twister, Tin Gamboa (Suzy) and Mia Bayuga just got suspended after a cruel hashtag joke on Charice Pempengco ended up being reason for the singer to want to file charges against them. If you’re a regular on Twitter you probably noticed the #charicepempengcosextape tag that trended for a quite a while before it died down (like most trends do on Twitter). 

Verdict: It’s all a matter of what the hell were you thinking? Considering the controversy that has plagued Mo in the past, I’m starting to wonder why he even decided on propagating something that could clearly get him in big trouble. The good thing about it was he was nice enough to apologize to Charice, but it looks like this ‘cruel joke’ is not ready to be forgotten by the singer, who has plans to file charges.

3. Pride, Power and The Dream of a Dream.

Verdict: If Mr. Mayweather Jr. really isn’t scared of Manny, then he should forget the money and agree to the fight, drug testing aside. If Manny can defeat him, then he should accept that. If Manny can’t, then that’s gonna be it. Why can’t he just get it over with, if he’s so eager for it to the point that he calls Pacquiao out during one of his own bouts with Miguel Cotto?

4. The Bachelor: Presidential Edition. 

It’s only been recently that even the president of the country’s love life becomes a topic of conversation, mainly due to the fact that our current head of state is single. 

Verdict: I personally believe that the presidents elected should be first and foremost, married, but since enforcing something like that is clearly unfair and uncalled for (especially to capable individuals who are single), I’d just like to ask for a president that puts the country over his/her personal life in the future, but if this individual does end up dating, that he/she learns to practice discretion and not let his/her love life end up being tabloid fodder. I find it distasteful, and it makes it seem as though our president’s spending too much time trying to find Mr. or Ms. Right to care about our country’s welfare. 

5. Give (This Show) A Chance: The Voice

Idol may be eleven years old and counting, but that doesn’t always mean that things get better with age. Ever since the absence of Simon Cowell on the juggernaut of a show, the standard has slipped and it seems as though Idol stays alive because of a solid fanbase formed after their almost decade-long existence. 

 Verdict: NBC’s The Voice is what Idol was when Kelly Clarkson had yet to become famous: a newcomer. Yet it’s the show’s format that draws the line here: instead of using auditions as a chance to intentionally humiliate someone who thinks they can sing but can’t, the Voice screens it’s contestants and in the process manages to pluck out Broadway vets and backup singers to already-famous artists. Not bad, if you ask me, as they heighten the standard and give much-deserved screen time to genuine talents who could use exposure to get signed, instead of making some random individual infamous for some grisly audition that does not show their talent. It also does away with the ‘standard’ judge format of two dudes and a chick, instead bringing in three dudes and one belter of a chick to select. The best part about this show is how they do away with the externals and allow the judges: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee-Lo Green and Christina Aguilera, to judge someone on voice alone, which is the most important aspect of any self-respecting singing competition. Unfortunately, The Voice’s first winner: Javier Colon, did not get the fame that Kelly Clarkson got once she won the first season of Idol, despite his clear talent and some awesome covers that deserve a listen. 

 Basically, all I’m saying about this sitch is this: watch this show and give the Voice a chance. Idol has logged enough years on the air, and maybe it’s time for a new singing show that’s fine-tuned everything Idol has left lax, to take the spotlight. 😉 Don’t get me wrong, though, Idol has produced some music greats: there’s Kelly, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert… but post-Simon? Not so much. 😀 


This year’s not over just yet, and I’m very much looking forward to more interesting news bits to put my two cents in. 🙂 Let’s hope for some, shall we?

Things I’m Looking Forward To:

1, Dec. 21 2012: Were the Mayans right?

2. London Olympics!

3. Conclusion of CJ Trial 

4. Finding A First Lady: Will it be successful?


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