Glad To Leave: An Opinion Post

Graduation is a time to be happy. It’s a time to literally and figuratively break free from the things that have kept us all from truly experiencing life beyond the four corners of our school, and to prepare to go beyond the things of our youth, to bigger, brighter experiences.

That’s exactly how I felt when I graduated highschool last March. Yes, there were the typical feelings of sadness and sentimental joy that made me not want to leave, and my share of unfinished business, yet overall, I was ready to leave. More than ready, in fact.

During the start of our final school year, things weren’t looking so bright for us, the graduating batch. We were forced to begrugingly welcome the year with a large number of unwanted changes, including the (then) exclusion of our school’s yearly Sportsfest. It was major changes like this that left us wondering whether the school had a grudge on our batch, as it seemed sudden changes like this followed us throughout our highschool years, and we found these changes not changes for the better, but changes for the worse that didn’t always help us improve.

Thankfully, we weren’t alone in protesting against the removal of a tradition like the Sportsfest, and it was reinstated, albeit with ‘changes’ once more. To recount the events of that faithful December is something I still find difficult to do, but know this: by the end of the events of the Sportsfest, we, as a batch, came out feeling happier than ever that we weren’t going back for another year.

So by the time graduation came, we were definitely more than happy to leave, and never come back. Most of us geared up for college and never wanted to look back, except to stay in touch with those who joined us on our journey: our close friends, our barkadas, and some of our teachers.

It’s true that leaving behind highschool would mean leaving the experience behind for good, but any self-respecting individual would at some point think of reliving the experience (for sentimental purposes). We would reminisce about the past and want to come back to somehow relive highschool, even just for a moment. But that doesn’t at all seem to be the case for our batch. I don’t speak for everyone, but if there’s one thing I know it’s that my batchmates would prefer keeping in touch with their classmates than genuinely wanting to ‘come back’ to their school and relive the bitterness of our last year, and I don’t blame them for doing that. It’s just that shouldn’t one be happy to leave because of college, and not because of such a horrid system that seems to be getting worse each year? Personally, I’m feeling quite sorry for the future batches, because if changes like these continue at an alarming rate, and they don’t do anything to help the students… then, that’s not good.


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