Random Musings: Opinions on the Conventional :)

1. Cougar Love/Cradle Snatching 

As someone who’s such a sucker for the sixties, wherein love was beautiful and people were high, I can’t say I’m fond of cougar love, and I wouldn’t adhere to it, no matter what the circumstance. But that doesn’t mean I’m the type to openly frown on cougar love or cradle snatching when I see it in front of me (i.e. Demi-Ashton), unless of course: it freaks me out, and it’s not like that happens often anyways, so for all those lovers out there that weren’t exactly born in the same decade, keep loving!

2. Gay Marriage 

Just as I’m for gay love, I’m also for gay marriage. I believe in a freedom of choice, and if people don’t like what they’ve been born with, let them change that. It doesn’t even affect other people, unless of course they chose to gawk and glare at whatever public displays of affection these people have. So gay marriage is fine for me. People are just so uncomfortable not to see the conventional husband-wife (boy-girl) scenario in gay marriage, and that’s why they’re against it, besides of course the obvious religious reasons.

3. Reality TV

I can’t say I’m a BIG FAN of these shows, but I do watch an episode or two of some Kardashian-related reality TV once in a while, and I find it genuinely entertaining. But then when you see shows like Jersey Shore that are just plain eww, it makes one wonder what these people are thinking when they decide to agree to have their lives taped 24/7. I guess people are just fame-whores at times…. *sigh* It makes for good TV, but the ‘what-ifs’ are freaky… like what if you were being filmed 24/7?

4. Divorce 

People say that this is another sin against God, and technically, it is. It involves dissolving a sacred pact. But that doesn’t mean that religion is being reasonable when people want to file for divorce for valid reasons. It is because of people that abuse this opportunity that divorce has gotten a bad rep with die-hard Christians. They think people abuse divorce, and they do. It’s because of those that abuse that those who condemn divorce continue to do so, and because of that those who are trapped in horrible marriages are forced to live with what they have, because they’re out of options, and that sucks.

5. Original songs vs. Their Covers 

I’ve heard a few covers here and there, and some songs covered by other artists end up sounding a thousand times better than the original. But it doesn’t mean that these originals are horrible. I believe in respecting original songs, even if they’re sounding dated compared to the covers that are released almost decades after the originals. People should do the same and not bash the origs, because these super-covers wouldn’t even be in existence if not for the originals: remember that.


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