On Same Sex Marriage

Ever since Barrack Obama voiced out his opinion on gay marriage (umm, he’s for it), gay marriage has suddenly become a hot topic once more, even in local waters (read: Manny Pacquiao). I was watching the news today and there was a report regarding Pacquiao’s supposed remarks about gay marriage, and how he’s not for it. This resulted in backlash from Hollywood hotspot The Grove, whom openly tweeted about their hostility towards the champion boxer, and how he would not be welcome on their turf. 

 Personally, I believe that gay marriage is an issue that shouldn’t be controlled. Not all people are devout Christians, and to see conservatives impose the restriction of same-sex marriage on those who want to get married is really unfair. It’s true that the Bible strictly dictates that matrimony is a union between a ‘man’ and a ‘woman’, but that doesn’t mean that it also restricts the union of the same genders because of  the fact that they are biologically identical. These people shouldn’t become outcasts from society because of the fact that they are simply different. Some may see the persecution of ‘different’ people from society as a reality of our world, but that doesn’t mean we should allow this to happen and consign those who chose to be different to a fate of isolation and abandonment from those who feel they are hampering the homeostasis of society. These people deserve a chance to live and to love normally, no matter what their sexual preference is. 

 If you read my earlier blog, you’ probably would’ve read about my opinion about gay marriage, and such is the reason why I applaud Obama’s choice in being for same sex marriage. It’s freedoms like this that make a democratic society. People shouldn’t impose on others, just because they think that whatever they’re feeling is right. It’s simply unfair, and even though life isn’t fair, that’s no reason for them to do such a thing in the first place. 


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