On Adultery

Despite having graduated from a Catholic school, I admit I have never really memorized the Ten Commandments to heart as much as I wish I did. But that doesn’t mean I don’t remember them at all, nor that I have forgotten them. I guess I just forget a commandment or two at times, and end up searching it online. ūüėÄ (sorry about that).

“Thou shall not commit adultery”

¬†Adultery need not be defined by Wikipedia, as it is simply known as betrayal of marital trust. One spouse forgets or simply disregards the vows made in marriage and goes off with someone else, to the dismay of his/her companion. This person may have their reasons, but that doesn’t at all make what they’re doing okay. In fact, it gives one more reason to condemn said individual the same way Hester was condemned in the Scarlet Letter, or even worse.

Words need not express how much I am against this, for if there’s one thing I cannot find myself condoning, it’s¬†betrayal. This is something that’s more than unfair to the¬†person being victimized in¬†this situation. It causes this person emotional and mental distress that can sometimes lead to suicidal tendencies, as they¬†continually wonder what the problem is with them. Why do they deserve such persecution?¬†It is hard enough to strive for perfection in a world that is continually¬†imperfect, that these individuals do not at all deserve to endure more than¬†what life has already put them through. One would only be considered sadistic to even consider putting one’s spouse through more distress.

¬†Yet some claim having valid reasons for their betrayal, as they find themselves going through the worst of emotional distress because of their marriage. Hey you, idiot! Why did you even get married in the first place if you found that you weren’t ready for the ordeals it would surely put you through? Did you just not¬†think? I suppose so. (Read my previous entry about marriage).

¬†Adultery is never¬†valid, nor are the reasons for committing adultery.¬†The adulterer may¬†find him/herself¬†committing an act of vigilante justice but that is never the case. It’s just wrong.


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