On Marriage

Marriage has always been defined as an act that is as sacred as the other known historical covenants of religious significance. It’s a contract between mortal and God that allows the ceremonial binding of two people in a lifelong union built upon love, and in the old days, political union. Yet despite marriage being regarded as a sacred union that the Catholic Church implores we not dissolve, people don’t seem to take it that seriously. The prevalence of divorce in countries like the US, and the presence in our history of women like Elizabeth Taylor (multiple husbands) are just some reasons why people do not regard marriage as something of importance in today’s society.  The issue of divorce is something that I regard with controlled ambivalence. On the one hand, I see and hear stories of women and men who suffer marital woes that end up causing them their lives. On the other hand, I am digusted with those who marry others at a whim and do not take the sanctity of such a union seriously. So I suppose I’m comfortable with the Catholic Church’s stand on divorce, even if I find it restricts those who are faced with valid marital issues to a life that does nothing at all to make their existence any better. That is why I believe that the Church should find a way to somehow compromise, by imposing strict laws with regards to divorce that allow the Church to play a part in the approval or disapproval of said dissolution. Yet they should not be given free reign and be guided by a legal team when such matters are passed on to them.

 The sad thing about marriage these days is how people have forgotten it’s significance, not just in the religious but in the emotional sense. It’s more than just a contract, it’s more than just a business partnership… it involves signing away your own hopes and dreams and preparing to be the part of a whole. It’s about sacrificing the possibilities you dreamed of and finding ways to share those with a person you can share everything with. That’s what marriage is. It’s more than just money, it’s more than just love… it involves a lifelong commitment and endless sacrifice without complaint. That’s why marriage is something you just don’t do on a whim, especially if the person you plan to share your future with ends up not being a person you can share everything with, and you find yourself looking at this person’s literal and figurative warts. Now that is a disaster.

   Yet despite the prevalence of those who have not taken marriage seriously, there are those that have managed to weather the storms of matrimony for so long they’ve come to the point of no return. The wounds from years passed have found no way to close and they find themselves ready to abandon what was once a fruitful union, along with the literal fruits of more than a decade’s worth of marriage. Some even resort to adultery because they are tired of their somewhat cloistered existence, an act I personally believe should be repaid not just with non-religious excommunication but with death, for committing adultery is against the Ten Commandments.

   In conclusion, I would just like to reiterate my previous thoughts regarding the importance of marriage. One must realize that it is more than a business-like union, as it involves a lifelong emotional union that one cannot, I repeat, cannot take for granted. To give up on marriage despite numerous ardous trials is in my opinion, roughly equivelent to adultery. Make sure of what you’re getting yourself into, and make sure it’s something you’ll not want to get out of.



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