Musings on the Musical: Opinions on Music-Related News Bites!! :)

1. First Filipina Idol: Is It Possible?

After making it into the top two, Jessica Sanchez now has a one out of two chance in being crowned the first Idol of Asian descent and the first woman (after a gillion years). She will be credited for breaking the streak of WGWG winners, which effectively ended with Lee in Season 9, and finally, Idol will at least manage to re-earn the credibility it has lost since the exit of Simon Cowell by crowning a winner that surely wasn’t chosen by voters because of her looks.

  But is it possible? Phillip Phillips has never been in the legit bottom two, despite visibly bad performances and off-key moments that force some to question his technical (vocal) ability, which is immediately backed up by his cuteness and his instrumental ability, something many consider an asset in the music business, and there’s his ‘original’ sound that has Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine warming to him at this point in the competition, which is pretty good. Yet it doesn’t mean that Jessica can’t at all compete with Phillip’s good looks, as she’s managed to deliver astounding vocal performances that have made her a favorite to win, and made a whole country proud. Phil Phillips doesn’t have that… and if there’s one thing Jessica’s going to need besides good song voice and a well throat, it’s the support of Filipinos. I was personally hoping to see two vocal performers like Joshua and Jessica in the finale, but it seems like America has yet to let go of their favorite Idol: the WGWG. Tune in next week to find out if this 16-year-old beats the odds.

P.S. I wish Joshua a fruitful career. He’s probably the best performance-wise in the post-Cowell seasons, and that’ll take him places. We might just see him in the Grammys ;)… I dunno. He’s seriously overrated, though, and some say that did not play in his favor. They’re probably right.

2. No to Gaga!

Lady Gaga is receiving seirous backlash from Christian groups in Asian countries, as they regard her music ‘satanic’ and her concerns ‘pornographic’. South Korea has now been joined by the Philippines in the anti-Gaga crusade, as plans to file a TRO against her Born This Way ball being held in Araneta are being made ahead of her Monday concert.

 This is one thing I’d have to go half-and-half with. On the one hand, Lady Gaga is definitely the definition of over-the-top, and she’s been making headlines for performing ‘Satanic’ rituals all over the world. I guess it makes sense that a country that is majorly Catholic would oppose someone who crosses the line of liberal to perform in our country. On the other hand, I’ve been seeing TV commercials advertising the Born this Way Ball in the country for months… why isn’t it that these Catholic groups only decide to move NOW? They could easily have stopped the concert altogether, without the monetary sacrifices that they’re imploring  those who’ve bought tickets to the Ball to make. You may think me money-faced, but the truth of the matter is, calling on people to throw away more than a thousand pesos of their money by tearing up their tickets will definitely irk them, unless they are as devout towards their religion as they are to Lady Gaga.

 I originally wanted to suggest censorship (which has been done in the past, to acts like Beyonce and the Pussycat Dolls), but I’ve realized that Lady Gaga might be left with almost no material if harsh censorship is to be made as a proposed alternative. One need remember that despite being as grossly over the top as she is, one of our kababayans became a viral sensation singing one of Gaga’s songs: her less-‘Satanic-like songs, anyways. Let’s just hope she keeps it clean once she does perform in Manila.




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