I can’t say I have much of a following to apologize to just yet, but nevertheless I do express my apologies to those who do read my blog. I haven’t had much ideas to execute these days, but then those days have passed! :)) I’ve so much to share now, thanks to the arrival of June, sheer boredom and my yummy brownies! 🙂

  Anyways, college life began just days ago for me and a handful of my batchmates from highschool (most of them in SOM. huhuhu), and even though it hasn’t been a week yet, I have to say that the experience has been good so far. Harsh realities and diagnostic tests aside, the freedom of having less than five classes a day has definitely been relaxing. I have to say the greenery doesn’t hurt, and the chill post-class afternoons I spend at the study hall are definitely one-of-a-kind :)). Although, I have to admit that I haven’t really my people skills to practice just yet. 😦 I have talked to most of my blockmates, but I’m not at that ‘tight friendship’ point just yet. Here’s to hoping I do break out of my shell a bit earlier and get to know some more people in my different classes and my blockmates.  I have to admit I’m still a bit on the ‘homesick’ stage, but I’ll probably get over it soon. Who doesn’t? (Shout out to my HS friends!! >:D<) 

 That’s it so far. Things have been light on the homework front, but I’m eager to get some Lit readings done before Math and ES begin ‘tambaking’ on me next week. Lots of things to look forward to, including two diagnostic tests, Recweek and the rest of freshman year. Plus, a Filipino project that’ll  make use of this blog. Ohboy. o.o





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