A lack of priority

I’ve seen a number of ridiculous headlines in the past, but nothing struck me more than news of election lawyer Romeo Macalintal’s latest law adventure. GMA’s ex-lawyer recently filed a class suit against the much-contested result of the PacBradley fight a few weeks ago, citing his right as a boxing fanatic as a reason that the case be given some form of merit, considering the truly controversial final decision.

 What can I say that hasn’t already been said, or has it? Macalintal has done some form of good in the past by serving as election lawyer to some high profile politicians, but this, seriously? Even Pacquiao himself has wholeheartedly accepted the result, despite the clear inconsistencies that now haunt the undefeated Timothy Bradley. Why is it that he has now decided to focus his time and interest on something as non-politically motivated as a controversial bout that simply proves boxing will be a dead sport in a couple of years?

 Haay… Haay. Bloggers like me and other people of this fine country can complain all we want, but we’re pretty much powerless to stop rash decisions. Besides, Macalintal isn’t even a public official, so why bother with his SALN or whatever he’s done to help the country? All we can really do is voice out the fact that we’re frowning upon his actions, and such is the purpose of this entry. Unless he doesn’t have something better to do (which he probably won’t until election time next year), might as well let Mr. Macalintal have his fun. *sigh*


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