IDEAlistic: On Peace, Love and Life

I live by three ideals in my life, and these are peace, love and life. In a small way, they have come to define the way that I live my life and the way that I look at my existence as a whole. They may sound quite ‘hippie-ish’ to you, but for me they hold a much deeper meaning that makes me appreciate them even more. Allow me to elaborate on each.


My introduction to the sixties taught me more than I have expected. It didn’t only introduce me to a whole new set of ideals that were present at that time, it gave new meaning to a word that would normally never make it into my vocabulary: peace. To me, peace is more than just the absence of war. It’s more than just living an existence without constant conflict. It’s the opportunity to live one’s life without the least amount of self-imposed obstacles. It’s about going beyond the things that plague you, and making yourself better through the obstacles you face in life. It’s about taking what you get from life and turning that into a catalyst in making yourself better. That is peace to me. 



I’m one of those people who have often related love with the things I see in movies and the boy-girl relationship. How can I help it, I’m a girl! :)) But in terms of becoming an actual ideal, love to me goes beyond the atypical opposite sex or even same sex relationship. Love to me is being the best person you can be not just for yourself, but for the people around you. It’s about showering a different kind of love that doesn’t necessarily equate to a non-platonic relationship.It’s about showing you care in ways that go beyond hugging and kissing. The best form of love for me is non-verbal love that doesn’t need to be affirmed through words yet simply done through actions instead.



My belief on religion is nothing sort of ambivalent, as religion has not been as agreeable to me as it has been to other people. Yet if there’s one thing I’ve learned from religion, it’s the responsibility to accept the inevitability of our existence. We should accept our fate no matter what life gives us, and use our right to mope wisely. We can complain about the crap in our lives, yes, but we can’t allow that negativity to cloud the significance of our existence in this world. Living out life is simply living out reality, and learning to accept whatever inevitability we are forced to face in the near future. Yet that does not bar someone from fighting against the unfair obstacles we may have to face in the future. Acceptance may be an important aspect of accepting reality in general, but that does not give us the leeway not to oppose the things that openly hinder us, knowing their adverse effects on our everyday existence.


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