L.R.T.: Love Rail Transit

I couldn’t seem to think of a logical story that somehow involved the LRT, so this is what I came up with. Inspired by the lovable hassle is: the daily commute. 🙂


One more glance made me melt,  

Though I knew it was not at me that you stared. 

Yet somehow I thought you realized, 

that maybe, yes, I cared. 


On violet dreams I sat and thought of you, 

As time zoomed by and life did too. 

Before I knew it, I had arrived, 

And to win your affection, I had strived. 


Together we rode the ride of life, 

The ride of every-day, 

Together we faced the hassle, 

Until you went away. 


No replies to my desperate texts, 

No answers to my calls, 

At that point it felt like, 

I was talking to a wall. 


Soon the hassles became tears, 

And soon the hopes became uncertain fears. 

A once happy part of my happy day, 

Soon became reminders of a despondent yesterday. 


Yet just when skies turned summer bright, 

At your sight I screamed in fright. 

My eyes turned wet at your arrival, 

Surprised I was at your survival. 


‘Forgive me’, you simply said. 

‘A lot of life clambered into my head’. 

And then you smiled, and took my hand, 

As we both waited for the train to land. 


I held you tight and you held me, 

As tight as the trains on the LRT. 

Only disaster would break us apart, 

Yet keep us together despite the broken hearts. 


Just know by now that you were mine, 

And now, for you, I still pine. 



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