Remember in the movies how the rainy scenes are always the most romantic? It’s always in the rain when the boy pours out his heart and soul and the girl’s tears are like the rain.. and you just can’t help but cry when they kiss because you’re so happy they finally got together? 

Well, screw that. 

Here you are, in the rain… crying your eyes out. For real. So he’s got someone else, and apparently it’s always been that way. He was just stringing you along for extra credit in Calculus, and the rose came from the steel bin in the park. Bullshit. You feel so stupid now. Limits don’t matter here, this is life, and clearly, you suck at it. 

 The contacts just made your eyes itch, and all the fakers did was laugh at the pink tank top you wore to impress the jerk who just broke your heart. Your hair was still oily to them, and clearly, it still is, even though you went to the spa and spent half your laptop fund for a second-hand IPhone. How… embarrassing. 

 You sigh, knowing that the tears just make the rain worse. You whip out your phone and look at the only real contact that matters: Kyan. Geeky Hammersmith, they called him. Your kooky best friend who wore horn-rimmed glasses and walked to school from the other side of town. They said his sweat smelled like the sewer, and there came a point when you actually believed them. How stupid could you get? You hadn’t seen nor talked to Kyan in months, ever since the popular kids decided you were someone of significance thanks to your Calculus skills. 

 Now, you’re just a nobody, and a part of you thinks that Kyan still is too… or is he? 


 The familiar voice makes you smile and you turn around almost immediately. In a split second the smile turns into a blank expression of pure heartbreak. Curly ginger hair bounced alongside him. She was slim and fashionable, slender yet seemingly shapely all at the same time. You hold your hopes up just for a moment, and you see them dashed in an instant when lips collide and baby, they’re not yours. 



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