Life: An Excerpt

Due to some recent circumstances, I have decided to allot just a tiny whiny bit of my time to continuing to write the play that I was supposed to write a zillion years ago. Here’s an excerpt.

Every story is a movie waiting to be made, a hope waiting to be fulfilled, a dream waiting to be realized. Yet one wonders: what story is worth telling the world? Is it one filled with a mountain of hopes and dreams, or one that begins and ends with a tragic, heartbreaking eulogy?


If there’s one thing that I have realized as a writer, it’s that the best story is not one told with the help of innate imagination, but with one’s own heart and mind. That is why the best story that one can tell is a story that needs no creativity and no imagination, for there is nothing more real, more unexpected and more uncreative than the truth.


Coming Soon.



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