Soaked In Grief

The salty taste reminds me of the sea that parted once

you realized we were not meant to be.

Sad, was it not? That you cursed me with pain,

Left me with sickness that was beyond the brain.

You weakened me, and I did no wrong,

And you wonder why my tears are so strong?

You wet the earth and cry songs of despair,

And really, you wonder, why I’m not there?

I shelter myself from you, you fool!

Your tears alone are curses, so cruel!

And believe me, friend, sickness I desire not,

Yet pain, I know, you have wrought.

It’s hard to believe that we had once been lovers,

It’s hard to believe that I had once bathed in your eternal embrace,

It’s hard to believe that your wet and wild kiss was something I considered an escape.

An escape from the ever-present reality that was my dry and dreary world.

But… now is an inevitability, and you are my foe,

Whether this will change, I really do not know.

But for now, good one, as foes we must part.

Despite the pieces of my broken heart,

And for a time in our lives, we must be apart.


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